Untitled Meanings

Sometimes we are not meant to know

Nor will we ever find out

Racing through my mind

Trying to piece together every last detail

As if playing with a puzzle

As a child you always happen to lose one piece

This piece will forever remain missing into the depths of the unknown

Maybe wedged between the cushions in a couch

Or swept underneath an old, dusty rug

That puzzle will never be whole

You will only read a portion of its meaning

A segment of its destiny

Always we will remain with innocence within us

Seeming to miss something along the way

Staring at an unfinished picture

Trying to debate what it could be or what its trying to say

We will never know

All we can do is be patient and hope to one day understand

That maybe everything in life is not meant to be explained

But just simply lived 


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Cuz I set fire to the rain lol #MovingOn #Sad #lifeleason #BreakUp #Over #TeamSingle