For Juliana: The best reasons West Ridge residents gave me for not having their onecards
  • explosion
  • used it as a shielf to fight dodongos but it burnt up because it wasn’t hylian
  • in mah pants
  • saving a bus full of children from a tiger
  • prostate exam
  • vengeful narwahl
  • zombies man…
  • alien heist stole it
  • banshee
  • rabid panda
  • bears stole it
  • killer narwahl
  • damn tigers again
  • barney’s shiny bag
  • because he’s an idiot
  • honey badger got my leg

constituencyofone asked:

Hi! To anyone unsure about getting involved: I volunteered with the Coalition to Protect All NC Families in Asheville and it was an awesome experience! I mostly phonebanked and canvassed, but there are a lot of ways to help out. Plus, I met some fantastic people as well! This Amendment will have so many negative repercussions if it is passed- we must work together and fight against it!

Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing.