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I’m convinced the colors are fucking important ‘cause look at this.

Clara: Blue?
Journey: Problem?
Clara: No, I just met a fella called Pink.
Journey: Lucky fella.


What is she thinking? What did she notice? That’s not a look of someone who’s just wondering about a name, that’s not jealousy. This woman is a trained soldier, she’s under pressure, she doesn’t focus on silly surnames unless there’s something worth focusing on. So why does she react to Pink? Is she angry because she’s a soldier and he isn’t? Are they related? Are they color coded somehow and why? WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE COLORS? Any theories, please hit me up ‘cause I’m bursting with excitement. Pink is the color of love, of caring, and he takes care of children (well, somewhat because of his profession, also he probably became a soldier to protect people (two soldiers, both with color surnames, hey there, anyone else seeing a pattern?) so there’s that again, the caring.)

Then Clara makes this face:

Clara is by no means stupid. Clara is the Doctor’s emotional compass, she’s intuitive and caring and she notices emotions. She can tell that Journey is thinking something, but she can’t make sense of it because what connection would Journey have to a human teacher? 

And then there’s this:

Trying to play it off as casual smalltalk, but completely not succeeding. I’m sorry, but this is not the face of someone who’s making a casual remark on someone else’s love-life, I refuse to believe that.

The colors mean something, I’m sure of it.