LifeCal Schedule Button (Soft Launch)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with Mark Godwin to design and engineer a little web plugin tool we call a “Schedule Button.” Quite literally, it is a button that you can save event data to and embed into your own website. When your visitors click the button, they can schedule your event to their own calendars.


The potential use cases for this button are many: concerts, flights, movie showtimes, house parties, television premieres, conferences, conventions, and more. Business owners and hosts alike can use this tool to connect with their attendees and provide them with necessary details.

I have a hard time managing my time as it is, and existing digital calendars do not make it easier. Few people go to the trouble of typing out all of the event details for everything they do. We built this tool for event hosts to make it easier for potential event attendees to input the correct information into their calendars. The hope is that there will be higher attendance rates if your event is staring your attendees in the face from within their own calendars. Unlike Facebook events (which is exclusive to the Facebook platform), we are trying to make this an open plugin compatible with all calendars and available for embedding into all web sites.

We are soft-launching this button today at to collect feedback from our closest friends and followers before we announce the tool wider this week. Please head over to our site and check it out! If you have any comments or suggests, identify any bugs, or can think of other great use cases I have not mentioned, please let us know! You can use the discussion board below or email me at

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May I ask you how you got your follow? Like did you just post a lot and tag her? And does she go for personal stuff about our lives or just funny stuff or is it just random? Thanks!

I really cant answer that, its really misterious. I talked a lot to other swifties and it happened that huggingtotoro and i got our follow the same day same time. So maybe she saw something between us, like pics or random comments. I post a lot, y reblog myself (and i love it, im glad i have tha chance of having taylor reading or qatching or hearing something i did, and im gonna use it). I post random things, some really sad and some really funny, and i try to have fun. I made friends and that makes it better, so its not all about tay, because if it is, youre not enjoying 100% tumblr. Post selfies, pics of your everyday lifeC your feelings about tay md other stuff, random thoughts and mostly HAVE FUN.

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Shiki is fucking awesome I love Shiki you need more shiki here.

Well if it that awesome. I should go check it out then. Ill put it in my To-Watch list. Im halfway through: non non biyori, d-frag, & witch craft works.

All them slices of lifeces anime

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