Mi piace quel che si tocca, si assaggia. Mi piace la pioggia quando diventa neve e si fa palpabile. Ed essendo impulsiva e più coraggiosa di voi, non tempero, perché non mi scotti, la bellezza con la grettezza. La ingoio tutta intera.
—  Adeline Virginia Woolf
Things I hate in AU Destiel Fics

1. Dean being a bully. Because Dean has VERY strong feelings about bullies and would NEVER bully Castiel. This branches from my very slight annoyance of Nerd!Cas and Jock!Dean. Because to be completely honest, I think it would be the other way around. Dean would be a decently popular nerd because he fuckin’ is in the show the geek, and Cas would be either the popular follower turned rebel badboy or the star quarterback until he meets Dean. Because that’s basically how it went on the show, ya feel me?

2. Having Dean date Lisa and making her an unlikeable bitch. She had to be one of the most understanding and compassionate women on the show and deserves better than that. Don’t sacrifice her character to the Destiel Gods.

3. Making Dean stupid. Dean is so freaking smart. If there really was an alternative universe, I wholeheartedly believe that Dean would be up there with Sam on how well he does in school provided that they have a more conventional living situation where Dean is not basically a parent.

4. Making Sam a complete asshole. The boys can be general assholes, yes. But Sam not accepting Dean’s sexuality or not supporting him on something would NEVER happen. He would also never choose Cas over Dean even if Dean fucked up. 

5. Overly involved family/friends who force Dean/Cas out of the closet or force either’s feelings. I’m all for shipper!Sam or Shipper!anyone because I bet they really are hardcore shippers, but when you have them emotionally manipulate Dean or Castiel, I fricken hate it. It’s one thing to know that Dean has feelings for Castiel and try to make Dean realize it, it’s another thing to manipulate him into announcing anything before he’s ready. 

6. When characters get mad at other characters for information that had NO WAY of knowing at the time. Because that’s just unreasonable! Why should Sam get pissed at Dean for treating Cas like a friend if he didn’t know that Cas’s feelings were stronger than that or vice versa? Or someone not knowing about some trauma a character faced and getting screamed at for unknowingly bringing it up. It’s just ridiculous how many times I see it and I get frustrated on the character’s behalf because nobody would/should do that in real life. 

7. Sam/Ruby. Ew. No. Ruby was terrible to Sam and didn’t actually give two shits about him in the show. She used him for her own agenda and to make that end-game in a fic is like you never watched season 4. I’m a Sam/Jess kind of girl through and through.


Stydia AU: During freshman year of college, Stiles Stilinksi and Lydia Martin met at a party that both their best friends dragged them to. With so much in common, they clicked right away and soon became very good friends. They did everything together, they never left each other’s side. This lead to Stiles feeling like there was more than just friendship between them. So after a year of putting off his feelings, Stiles finally told Lydia how he really felt (in a house which happened to be where the parties they were forced to go to took place).