My head throbs with memories of you & I, like when we were happy and everything was okay. My fingertips crave your skin again, like when I’d brush your forearms ever so lightly and it’d send shivers down your spine. My cheeks yearn to be caressed by your hands again, like when you’d hold my face and kiss me with such perfection. My waist longs to be wrapped in your arms again, like after we went a day without seeing each other your hand would never leave my side. My whole body aches for the chance to be close to yours again, like after a while of laying down together, our heartbeats would be in sync, or when you’d tell me how perfectly I fit into you and how you believed I was made for you.
—  my heart desires to be apart of yours again. ( 9:43 )
We all want to be happy, and I am no different than anyone else. True, I may go about it differently than what the media has decided is “normal”, but we’re all looking for the same thing. So who’s to say that my way is better or worse? After all, I could be wrong! Or maybe there is no “right” or “wrong”, and what works for me may simply not work for you and vice versa? So now I honor your path, you honor mine, and we both go about our day making a million decisions with the same hope in mind: that our choices will eventually lead to our ultimate happiness, and cause the least harm to others.
And dammit do you think I like not being able to see any emotion in my own eyes? Don’t you think it scares me that part of me is gone? I can’t begin to describe how it feels to stare myself down in the mirror for hours searching for any spark that could be left. If eyes are the windows to the soul, where did my soul go?
—  I’m empty

Hidup itu seperti bermain monopoli. Mainan di atas papan diharuskan untuk mengejar materi. Membeli tanah, rumah, hotel, lalu menjualnya. Atau mendapatkan hasil dari orang yang ‘terjebak’ di petak yang merupakan aset kita.
Tapi satu yang perlu kita tahu. Di akhir permainan, itu tidak berarti apa-apa. Semua yang dimiliki berupa materi, tidak dapat digunakan di kehidupan nyata. Bahkan uangnya pun palsu.
Sama seperti hidup. Setelah mendapatkan semua yang diinginkan, itu tidak akan berarti apa-apa di kehidupan selanjutnya.

Kecuali jika mengamalkannya.

Senin, 4 Mei 2015