Three OUP Employees Pay Homage to International Coffee Day (Everyday)

The Fresh Pots Society (FPS) was born when three OUP publicists—Jonathan Kroberger, Owen Keiter, and Sam Blum—realized they had a shared fascination with coffee, caffeine intake, and general snobbery. Each afternoon, Jonathan, Owen, and Sam convene over a delicious French-pressed pot of their finest grounds and catch an afternoon jolt of much needed caffeine and conversation. The process of preparing such coffee can be quite laborious, however. To get a better idea of how we make our brew, see the series of gifs above.


The Fresh Pots Society

A little-known fact: Invertebrates make up more than 70% of the approximately 1.9 million described species on earth!  

The Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance researchers are hoping to sequence the whole genomes of many of these weird and wonderful creatures. Read more in their Journal of Heredity article.

Image credit: Vallicula multiformis (platyctenid; Ctenophora), Pherecarida sp. (fireworm; Annelida), Epimeria robusta (amphipod; Crustacea), Phoronopsis californica (horseshoe worm; Phoronida), Flabellum sp. (solitary coral; Cnidaria), Millnesium sp. (water bear; Tardigrada), Glass sponge (Porifera), Collosondeis sp. (sea spider; Pycnogonida). Reproduced with permission from Greg Rouse.

We’re celebrating International Coffee Day by sharing this little list of our very favourite ways to enjoy our java. Brew up this morning and smell the coffee!

  • Café au lait: coffee with milk
  • Café noir: black coffee
  • Espresso: a type of strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans
  • Cappuccino: a type of coffee made with espresso and milk that has been frothed up with pressurized steam
  • Latte: a type of coffee made with espresso and hot steamed milk, milkier than a cappuccino
  • Flat white: a type of coffee made with espresso and hot steamed milk, but without the froth characteristic of a cappuccino
  • Macchiato: a drink of espresso coffee with a dash of frothy steamed milk.
  • Mocha: a type of fine-quality coffee, a drink or flavouring made with mocha, typically with chocolate added
  • A Turkish or Greek coffee: very strong black coffee served with the fine grounds in it
  • Irish coffee: coffee mixed with a dash of Irish whiskey and served with cream on top

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