never give a 2 year old, coffee. lol. she woke up from her nap too. -.-

this picture means a whole lot to me. this groom is joojoobeesaka "dad." he always acted like a father-figure to me. i can tell him anything which most kids would be scared to. he taught me God first before those you love. he taught me that no guy is worth being hurt for. i look back, all the years i’ve known him and think.. wow, he’s awesome. he has a personality of a 20 year old & a face of a 300 year old<3 haha. i can’t thank him enough for being supportive. & now that he’s married, all i can do is support him. the day of his marriage.. it hit me. he was finally getting married. before his ceremony, we had a “father-daughter” talk. it went something like this.

me: i cant believe you’re getting married.

dad: why you acting like that? are you happy for me?

me: acting like what!?  *looks down*

dad: dont cry liezel, dont cry!

me: STOOOOOP! *starts crying*

dad: look at me, no matter what. smile for me, im glad you’re here. be happy. *kisses my forehead* 

after that moment, i realized that i love this guy. he’s been an inspiration to me. i’m so glad he’s found the love of his life. i love you joojoobees.