The Infanta ~ Annie & Chris (Teen AU)

Here she comes in her palanquin
on the back of an elephant
on a bed made of linen and sequins and silk

Among the crowds of Edinburgh’s frequent flyers on a scathingly sunny July morning, Annie emerged with an air of her walk from the sea of people departing from the New York flight. She got far away from airport security to hide behind a row of pay-to-call telephones to pull out a hidden flask from her bra, taking a quick swig before going off to the restroom. 

The sullen “17-going on 18” freckled bohemian untied her bun in front of her reflection, letting her short and curly hair fall to the sides. From her bag, a mix of messy makeup, tampons, and books (which hid the money her Aunt had left behind), Annie pulled out eyeliner and applied more just in-case the flight had put a damper on the intensity of her eyes, along with some lip balm. Taking one last look at herself— she donned the typical baby doll 90’s dress the accentuated her fully grown breasts and legs, complete with a red plaid button up she left open and a pair of black heels; it was the image of someone trying to grow before her time —Annie slinged her bag over her shoulder and walked out. 

Annie had no idea of where she was going as she boarded a bus that stopped upon the corner of the departure center, she figured she would just start with the places the young Scot she met years ago took her. Edinburgh felt different without the snow and excessive cold, only relying on the memory of the days she spend with him. 

Yes, there was only one goal from the ashes of her botched plan: it was to see a barely missed friend. She, on occasion, would allow herself to think about him amidst the mess of the courts, the moves and deaths that surrounded the young woman and her family. She slouched in her seat and peered out the window in silent confidence. The café first…

Funeral [open]

Victor silently let out a lengthy breath as he glanced around the church. The family hadn’t been religious for years, but Victor knew Vivienne would have wanted to honour their Irish Catholic heritage. It was quite a turn out; most of the people who showed up were in the fashion industry. Some people were unexpected. He kept a somber expression as he greeted everyone, and graciously accepted their heartfelt apologies.


Accompanying his mother to Moscow to attend Katie Fraser’s funeral was supposed to be something of a duty for Chris; he never knew Claire’s friend’s daughter all that well anyways. But unbeknownst to her family in the United Kingdom, Katie had a son—and the trip quickly turns into far more than Chris had ever bargained for.

Truffles & Shopping Carts ~ Annie and Chris

It’s been a week since Annie and Kathy went cavorting off to Penthurst, and obviously pissed off Hugo Moran, an unexpected blip on their radar as they planned to hop in and out without a ruckus. By the time Annie got home, she drank a pound in tea in place of wine (we all know how well alcohol goes with a melancholic Annie) for her nerves. She did tell Alec before Hugo had the chance to though, so there was that hope, but he was in his cranky, sleep-deprived mood. He’d been mostly upset about Kathy provoking Hugo, but Annie rolls her eyes and with an assuring tone that she herself provoked him too. (Of course leaving out the things Hugo had said to her) But in the end, Alec happily read off part of his Spanish Civil War reading to Annie as she drifted off to sleep, closing with a quiet “Goodnight, Annie” into her ear before he closed the call, falling asleep on his papers a moment thereafter.

Although she told Alec, she couldn’t exactly bring herself to tell Sebastian about it. Alec was surprisingly more calm about it that she expected, but after that drunken incident with Sebastian at his apartment, Annie can’t exactly gauge his reaction. He’s been pissed before about going off to Amelia’s cottage without asking some two years back. Though she’s sure Kathy told him, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

But in her peacemaking fashion, Annie makes use of her soda machine, and chocolate and with a crooked smile, she appears at Sebastian and Chris’ door without a call. The hall stood empty, sterile while the window beside rattled and creaked, disrupting the unusual quiet of the hallway. Annie hesitates as she steps back. She probably should have called. But it’s too late— she’s already knocked. Though… maybe she can get away before someone opens the door.

Stand By Me ~ Annie & Chris (Kid AU)

The little 6 year old  wild-haired runt opens a smidge of her eye, surveying the room for movement. 


Just the blood red rays hitting the hotel door as the morning sun filters in from the windows. The other side of her giant bed messy with it’s golden, and crimson sheets thrown over.


Annie throws the covers off herself and reaches for her bottlecap glasses on the bureau just next to her, soon removing the Disney Princess Nightgown and scrambling for her corduroy overalls, constantly looking back at the hotel door in haste. After packing her bookbag with her essentials, and slinging on her shoes, she flies out the door and quickly down the hall, forgetting to tie her shoes altogether.

Dublin. It seems so much bigger without her father and the line of cars and people passing by in front of her like swarms makes her runaway much less of a brilliant plan. The trickles of intimidation set in, but nonethless, Annie huffs and yanks out her map, making her way down Dame Street — getting strange stares from passing strangers, as she expected — to a place she knows her father would never think of looking:

The Dolls Store & Hospital Museum.

The Call ~ Chris & Annie (Teen AU)

The last hour had developed itself into a match: her heart, which had done the majority of her talking, and her mind, which offered solid advise, but the emotions which leapt out word after word would not stop pouring. Elijah had told their father about the fight, as expected— in addition to leaving without permission again, their father had decided to send Annie back home first thing tomorrow morning. Remembering what Chris had told her to do, she objected, standing her ground against the veil of opposition from her family. 

In the end, no matter how feverishly she spoke, it all came down to her fight and the escape. With Maria already informed, there was no turning back the decision. Annie could just taste the leather of the belt waiting for her at home— the anxiousness already spiking, clouding her from the pain of her swollen ankle. 

But before she would be taken to the airport the next day, Leon had promised Elijah and Catherine a trip to the great highlands of Scotland, and with a fleeting sadness for leaving his youngest daughter behind, he assured Annie they would talk once he came home. 

Although the hospital had wrapped her ankle up properly, they offered no painkillers. Added on to the dread of going back home to be left alone with her mother, it all joined at it’s peak of vehemence within her. At two, with the television on, tuned to a talk show, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a number. 

She dialed, and in this moment, she prayed that Chris adhered to the night-owl stereotype most teenagers at her age had fully assimilated into.

American Idiot ~ Chris and Annie AU

Coppelia Waltz Coppelia Waltz . 

Although its soothing violins and gliding flutes painted a clear picture in her head, it would not distract from the amount of jarring movements the airplane created in light of the turbulence the captain had warned about just 7 minutes earlier.

Airplanes go down if there’s enough metal on board. I heard braces do it too.

Annie clawed into the armrest beside her, and her younger brother, Elijah, was having a ball watching her squirm in panic over the warning she knew she would take to heart, even though she supposedly didn’t believe him. Behind her tightly shut eyes, images of a burning airplane poked at her imagination, prompting to glance quickly to her sister, Catherine, who was in a similar situation, and her father, Leon. He offered the best smile he could muster, one that would make any daughters heart jump for her protective father.

But there was nothing. There was only the shadow of a smile Annie forced herself to create.

Edinburgh: a destination Leon had mapped out for his kids this year around. Every three years, he made sure to pick the places he loved travelling to when he was around their age, so they could experience it themselves without their father. There were promises of him spending actual time with his children, but Leon had to still work for his family and for the gambling problem. The debt that manifested over the years was getting difficult to handle on it’s own. 

The Hilton had a charm to it, one that he found, over the years of many indiscretions, how relaxed the atmosphere was. Booking a grand room for the four was no trouble, the company card would take care of it. And just as soon as the kids had unloaded their bags and suitcases, their father had taken another shift. A fast kiss on their foreheads sealed the fate of their adventure, and just like that, he vanished.

Catherine, tired of the same excuses every time, and vehemently expressed it, stormed out of the elegant hotel room with Elijah in tow. Annie didn’t have time to react as she was deeply engrossed into several pages of The Hobbit, but as her head whipped up, her sister and brother was already in the elevator. Just leave it, she reminds herself. Behind the glasses, braces, and long hair, her thoughts and little comments in response to her sister’s rant stayed hidden like a birdcage. If they locked themselves in there long enough, they might die, guaranteeing no chance of outbursts. 

Several hours had passed, Annie noticed she was several pages away from finishing her book. There has to be a library around somewhere. In fact, the downstairs lobby had brochures dedicated to Edinburgh’s oldest of places, and a library was listed. Stuffing her bag with Pop Tars and water, she skipped off into the hall, jubilant of the wonders the library would introduce her to.

Childish Fantasies and Foolish Dreams ~ Kathy & Chris

It’s incredibly immature and completely pointless, and yet Kathy finds herself at the entrance to IKEA at Croydon at 11 am on a Tuesday morning. The building towers over her in all its capitalistic glory, and she shifts her weight from one foot to another as she cranes her neck to look at it. She’s only been to this particular branch once. She has a feeling that she’ll never be allowed to step foot here again. 

I’m going to jump on IKEA beds with my father’s ex-boyfriend, for whom he most likely left his current fiancé. She fights back a hysterical giggle and stuffs her hands in her pockets,squinting her eyes against the wind. At least Chris is willing to take all responsibility for this. The thought doesn’t comfort her.

Tangled ~ Kathy & Chris

Can I tell you a story

As we dance while the sun starts to bleed

Song of songs, love is calling

Daughter, wake up from your sleep


The Ferris Wheel is just as she remembers it. She hasn’t been here in months, but it used to be her favourite place in London. Maybe it still is. It hasn’t changed much, if at all. The same crowd of kids and tourists, the same vendors, the same almost-flaking paint. She worries for a moment if he’ll be able to find her, but the crowd isn’t by any means thick. He’ll figure it out.

She isn’t certain if she has a plan. She has no idea what the outcome of the conversation will be. Will she continue hating him with her apparently antagonistic ways, or will he work the magic he did on Jess and get Kathy to like him?

She doesn’t want to like him. But she doesn’t want to continue hating him either. Liking him feels like giving up. It feels like she’s been wrong. And she hates being wrong.

Sighing, Kathy sits back on the bench and crosses her ankles in her customary fashion. She’s five minutes early, so he isn’t late. Yet.

Kathy Moran - the Playlist (a work in progress)

Song - Artist (Album)

  • Story behind the song.


Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne (The Best Damn Thing)

  • Kathy/Seb

The Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)

  • Nightmares about Sebastian.

Life Boat - Ani DiFranco (¿Which Side Are You On?)

  • The rape and the after-effect.                       

Bound To You – Christina Aguilera (Burlesque - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • Kathillian.

I Can’t Lie - Maroon 5 (Hands All Over)

  • Kathillian

Who’d Have Known - Lily Allen (It’s Not Me, It’s You)

  • Kathillian. AU-ish.

For Good –  Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel (Wicked)

  • Jess/Kathy

The Letter - Original Cast Of Billy Elliot (Billy Elliot - The Musical (2005 Original London Cast))

  • Kathy/Annabelle

Tangled - Maroon 5 (Songs About Jane)

  • Chris/Kathy

Just A Feeling - Maroon 5 (Hands All Over)

  • M!A: In love with Chris.

Secret - Maroon 5 (Songs About Jane)

  • AU Chris/Kathy

F*** You - Lily Allen (It’s Not Me, It’s You)

  • Kathy’s opinion of Hugo Moran.

Friendship - Various Artists (Anything Goes - The New Broadway Cast Recording)

  • Kathy/Annie.

Him - Lily Allen (It’s Not Me, It’s You)

Blackbird/Yesterday - The Beatles (Love)

The Sun - Maroon 5 (Songs About Jane)

This Close – Flyleaf (Memento Mori)

Waiting For The End - Linkin Park (A Thousand Suns)

Hero - Regina Spektor ((500) Days Of Summer)

Smile - Lily Allen (Alright, Still)

Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap ((500) Days Of Summer)


If you would like to see a drabble about a particular song, message me and I’ll happily comply :)

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