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Nope, he’s not part of a private RP or forum/da rp! In fact I made him just for fun and didn’t even really intend to keep him! But myself and a friend liked him enough that we gave him a backstory and put him in gen pokemon world! Which we don’t actually rp, we just discuss hHAHAHAHAHAA O w O;a i hope that answers your question…

AREN’T YOU A CUTIE?! I don’t find it weird at all, I think it’s really nice that you even sent me an ask thanking me! I love your stuff and your characters are super fun weh! ;;

Decided to go with cloud bird after much deliberation with friends and a unanimous decision that this was the chosen mon.

Thus a series of sketchies to explore this pokemon ensued.

I think Altaria is adorable and I love it for being so while also being badass dragon. It did bother me though that there seemed to be little dragon traits. Decided to remedy that by tweaking design a little so that the white beak isn’t a beak at all but rather a deceptive pattern mean to cover up the much larger mouth that altaria possesses.

Being a generally benign and well tempered pokemon, Altaria don’t strike me as seeking conflict and preferring to avoid it. Hence their appearance is very soft and cuddly welcoming in more amiable pokemon rather than frightening them away with large spikes and claws. However, if threatened, or when aggressive, Altaria will open its mouth wide to reveal a much bigger mouth filled with many sharp pointy teeth to show it means business.

This is rare to see though due to their relatively passive nature. Which means if you do see them, you best be prepared.

Art©Edli (allison vanotterdyk)


Some updated designs for lickilad.

If anyone has a name for what this is let me know because I sure dont.
My idea was to have something that really looked halfway between pokemon and human. When I tried looking up something like that I mostly get two phases, either anthro, or the style where people just have the horns/ears/wings/tail of the pokemon. Nothing wrong with either, just not what I’m looking for. So I dont know what to call this ‘phase’

I’ll work on clothes later but right now just trying to get the basic idea down.

lickilad/art©allison vanotterdyk

Pokemon Breeding: Pets

Within the pokemon world there is a familiar class of trainer called the breeder. What does a breeder do though.
We’ve received information of the course of the anime and game series that breeders are people who are all about raising pokemon. Finding out individual pokemon’s needs and health issues and so on.
But what are they raising them for?

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Lolli usually is a gentleman. But sometimes he can not help but flirt with some of the mafia frogs. I’m sure after a while of him passing through their swamp every now and again he starts to get some free admission.

Sorry if this is too much, lemme know.