My entry for Silph Co. Sprites Lickiduck contest:

For some reason the first thing that came to my head when I saw the lickyduck sprite was “Holly crap that would make a great beach ball!” XD

Of course this contest WOULD come around the first time I decide to give lineless art a try but yeah gotta start somewhere. I probably wont win but at least I gave it a try \( ゚ ヮ゚)/

Splices/Sprites used:

ENTRY #9: asteeppriceforpie

Gaze, oh ye of little faith, upon the face of the Original One, He who was there long before we began, and will continue long past our end. The cry that He emits is registered in no Pokedex; merely an echo of it could drive a man out of his wits. His Vast Tongue has brushed aside galaxies, destroying them as though they were playthings. His Mighty Wings cannot lift Him, but they do not need to; their full destructive power is achieved through the blows He strikes with them.

He is the Lickiduck.

See Him and despair.

Happy Birthday to me!

Not only did I sneak it up on y’all, but I can’t even be here on this day :[ But I made myself a cake (from scratch!) ^~^

1 year ago today (after spending a day setting up the theme and all), I made the inaugural post for Silph Co. Sprites after my Tropium family got pretty popular.

Now, 365.25 days later, things have changed quite a bit. I’ve gone from a handful of followers I could talk to to over 2,700 followers, and I know that a couple of you have been here nearly the entire year :3 Also, this birthday post is my 1,188th sprite post; some of those include more than one splice. In a year, I’ve created nearly 2,000 sprites with your help!

I also held my first contest, carved out my own little niche in ThatSplicingForum, and designed and redesigned my theme and about 20 different sidebar buttons.

Thank you all for all the appreciation and requests :D

[Below are links to the posts containing the sprites on the cake as well as the blank cake that I worked so hard on ;3 ]

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