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I've heard a rumor that your actual name is Dale and you're BFFs with the human, Rose Tyler. Is this true?

I have heard this ridiculous rumor as well. Daleks do not have weak names like “Dale”. We have strong names like Caan and Sec. But if calling me “Dale” will make you pathetic humans more comfortable talking to me then you may do so. Rose is totally my BFF, that part is true.


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Nine/Rose and 20!

20. breaking the rules


Walking backwards towards the bed, arms full of a wriggling blonde, the Doctor mutters against Rose’s neck. “Bugger the rules. Never did a thing for me.”

Grabbing his ears, Rose gently pulls him from her neck, letting out a small whimper as he licks the mark he made before looking at her. Biting her lip, a sight which cause him to growl softly, she asks, “Rules?”

“Not s’posed to do this. Not with humans. Not with anybody,” he says and as she frowns, the Doctor sits on the edge of the bed, encouraging her legs to either side of his, her skirt bunched up around her hips. “Time Lords are meant to be above it all. But, Rose, I. Don’t. Care. I want you.”

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First sentence, "Rose, why are there handcuffs in my pocket?"

Rose gave him a puzzled look from her spot in front of the telly. “What?”

"Handcuffs. In my pocket." He pulled them out and dangled them in front of him. "Any idea why?"

"Anything in any of the other pockets?" she asked. "Maybe a clue?"

He rummaged around in his pockets, finally emerging with a black satin blindfold and what appeared to be his favorite tie. From where he was standing, he could see the almost imperceptible twitch in her lips and the tips of her ears turn red and suddenly…it all became clear. 

In two strides he was standing behind her, leaning over so that his mouth was brushing against her ear. “Are you trying to seduce me, Rose Tyler?”


"What do you say we go find out what that headboard of ours is made of?"

Fic: Another Hand To Hold

Doctor Who (Pete’s world) / Love Virtually crossover inspired Licie’s digital painting called “Love, Leo”. Takes place two months after Rose was stranded in Pete’s world. Just a short thing for now. Might continue if ya’ll like it. :)


She has been trapped in Pete’s world for two months when it happens. Desperate to fill the void in her heart, Rose threw herself into Torchwood, ignoring Jackie’s desperate pleas to just take it easy, to grieve. Rose doesn’t want to grieve. She wants to fight, she wants to go back to her own universe, and Torchwood is her best bet. Pete can’t deny her, she has knowledge of alien races that makes her perfect for field work. She is pragmatic, thinks quick on her feet, and her team respects her. Some days, it’s almost like the good old days, chasing aliens, saving the world. Other days, it’s still chasing aliens and saving the world, but she misses him fiercely, she finds herself reaching out her hand, expecting him to take it. But no one takes her hand, and no one understands why she suddenly gasps for air and shuts down, refusing to talk for hours.

Then it happens.

Two months in, and they have been tracking a weeping angel. It’s the first time Rose has had no idea what they are up against, and she has lost one of her team members, a sweet kid named Kahlen. They finally find the Angel hiding on a university campus, snatching students and sending them back in time. It takes careful planning and a bit of B & E to neutralize the Angel, but they manage. She should be happy. The mission was a success, and no one else will get sent back in time. But Rose is still wary. Something draws her back to the university, and she spends hours wandering the vast campus, looking for… something. Another Angel, another threat, something she might have overlooked. The university is filled with statues, gargoyles and busts, and her head spins as she realizes what a potential death trap she could have walked into. That is, until she walks into someone, and her attention is momentarily turned from the monsters of the deep dark nightmares to the present, where papers fly, circling to the ground around her.

"I’m so sorry…" she begins, crouching to help the person she walked into retrieve their things.

"That’s okay. Bit of a scatterbrain myself," the person, a man, replies.

Rose freezes. The voice, it’s… For several seconds she doesn’t dare look up. Someone is using his voice, it has to be. She goes through her very long list of known aliens, trying to find a race that can take on the voice of someone else. She rules out Zygons. They need a live host, and she is certain there is no Doctor here.

"Miss, are you okay?" It’s his voice, but the accent… In her old universe, she would have said he was from Scotland, but Great Britain is different in Pete’s world.

Slowly, Rose looks up, and she regrets it instantly. It’s him, he’s here, but how? And why doesn’t he know her? Her Doctor, dressed casually in dark washed jeans, with a fitted dark brown wool coat that ends just under his narrow hips. His hair is artfully dishevelled, almost like the crazy mess she remembers. Her eyes find his, the exact same shade of brown, and she searches them for signs of recognition, but finds none.

"D-Doctor?" she finally stutters, a last resort.

"No, not yet. Not ever if things keep up this way. No, I’m just a research assistant. Are you looking for someone?"

The way his tongue curls around the r’s, how his o’s are bended into e’s, it breaks her. It’s not him, it can’t be (she is not sure if she wants him to be). Surely he would recognize her if it was him. She hastily shakes her head in reply to his question, too unsure of her voice to answer him aloud.

"You look like you might need a cuppa. I was actually heading for the cafeteria, would you like to join me?"

The way he looks at her, so earnestly and without any kind of recognition, it tugs at something in Rose’s heart. She wants to know him, this man who wears the Doctor’s face. She nods her head yes, and he sends her a smile to melt the ice caps, and they stand up. She looks to him, waiting for him to show her the way, ready to fall into step with him. It’s as if he knows she is more or less lost, but the way he shows it almost knocks her off her feet. He holds out his hand, wiggling his fingers in an excruciatingly familar way. It hurts for a second, no, even less. Because finally it happens. A hand to hold. She takes his hand, his grip secure and warm.

"So, who do I have to thank for rearranging my notes into this lovely example of creative chaos?" he jokes as they make their way across a crowded quad.

She blushes. Her head really had been in the blue back there.

"Rose. I’m Rose," she replies.

"Hello, Rose. I’m Leo. Leo Leike."

His name is a relief, further proof that this is not the Doctor. No John Smith or James McCrimmon. No Doctor-just-the-Doctor. Leo Leike. The name rolls easily off her tongue, as if it was accustomed to forming the sounds from a lifetime of using it to call his attention. Leo. Leo Leike. She might even come to like it.

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I'm Licie! I like red and blue, and most things that aren't orange or yellow. My favorite ship is Rose/Doctor. My favorite Ice Cream flavor is "Half Baked" because then I don't have to decide between cookie dough and brownie batter. And I have two cats that are my fur babies, London and Charlotte.

Hi Licie!!


and hello London and Charlotte <333

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Can’t we all just unite behind a third option: that Shake Shack is damned overrated.

I caaaan’t though, we’re getting a Shake Shack (exactly where you would expect it be) later this year and a tiny part of me is pleased even while being disappointed in myself for being pleased. Even though lbr I have no patience for those sorts of lines in New York and I will have no patience for them here. In theory though!

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Please have In-n-Out for me, who used to live in CA and have access to it, and now I don’t. (Even though I like 5 Guys better.)

That’s what we settled on actually! :D :D :D I would miss it if were gone, too. It’s the easy availability of both that makes it such a contest, if one were in short supply, that’d be the easy winner.

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Aww! You cutie patootie! Your hair is so shiny! I can’t really tell what color your eyes are in these pics, but they’re beautiful.

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Omg you are literally more adorable than I could ever imagine!!! :D

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Messy? You call that messy? You look like an adorably tousled porcelain doll!

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flypup you’re so pretty!!!! <3 <3 <3 (and you’re dog’s adorable too)

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Aiiii! ‘Fly you’re so freaking *adorable*!!! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡


but… overlord…?




who gave you that thought…? :d

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Name: Pia

Nickname: wifey, Boris, toaster, cheese slicer… Basically, a lot of random things. Since my actual name is so short, people tend to get creative in the nickname department

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One place that makes me happy and why: Home. It’s my haven and I can always relax and just disconnect from everything else in my life.

How many blankets do I sleep under: One. And I preferably sleep with the awning window open, even in winter, because I have a hard time sleeping when it’s too hot in the room. Get the temperature down to +14 degrees C (57 degrees F) and I sleep like a baby.

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