700 African migrants are feared to have drowned just outside Libyan waters, in what could prove to be the worst disaster yet involving migrants being smuggled to Europe, UN’s refugee agency says. Sunday morning’s accident means that at least 1,500 migrants have died so far in 2015 while on route to Europe – at least 30 times higher than last year’s equivalent figure, which was itself a record. It comes just days after 400 others drowned last week in a similar incident. The most serious incident prior to Sunday occurred off Malta in September 2014. An estimated 500 migrants drowned in a shipwreck caused by traffickers deliberately ramming the boat in an attempt to force the people on board onto another, smaller vessel.In October 2013, more than 360 Africans perished when the tiny fishing boat they were crammed onto caught fire within sight of the coast of Lampedusa. The migrants seeking to reach Europe with the help of people smugglers are generally fleeing conflict or persecution. 

This one cartoon captures the crisis in the Mediterranean we’re all ignoring

Every year, thousands of people drown while attempting to migrate across the Mediterranean Sea into Europe. In the most recent tragedy, hundreds died Saturday when a 70-foot boat carrying as many as 700 people capsized in Libyan waters. Just days before, nearly 400 drowned in a similar incident. And Europe is actively turning a blind eye.

Honestly I’m shocked to hear about the barbaric execution of Ethiopian Christian migrants in Libya by ISIS today.

Y'all please note Ethiopian Christians protected the first Muslims in A.D. 615.
The king of Abyssinia Negus welcomed the Muslim refugees fleeing from Makkah into his kingdom. He gave them sanctuary, and they enjoyed peace, security and freedom of worship under his aegis.

ISIS know nothing about Islam. They need to get the hell outta mama Africa!

RIP to the 700 or so people who may have lost their lives at sea today seeking asylum.

I’m sorry we never got to know your names or where you were all from.

I’m sorry the world is not a welcoming place so you had to risk your lives to seek safety and security.

I’m sorry the media reports about you are vague and inhumane.

I’m sorry that no one listened to your story before you left your country.

I really am sorry that the world forgot you. That we live day to day not realising how unfair the world is… Or maybe we do know how unfair it is but ignore it..

May you all rest in peace. I know there’s a better life than this.

Rest easy…

700 migrants are feared dead in Medditerannean (19/04)

the Guardian article (x)

Last year, in 2014, 3,400 people died in the Mediterranean sea (twice Titanic disaster). Yet, it is still largely uncovered by mass media. People need to know what his happening on Europe’s boarder, the disaster and the thousands of people dying. We cannot continue to let this happen… Europe needs to do something… It’s urgent!

In the year following the Islamic State’s official proclamation that Libya was to be the newest province of its far-flung caliphate, the Canadian government deported 15 Libyan nationals back to that country.

Four Libyans living in Canada were deported in in the first three months of 2015. Another 11 were sent back the year prior.

These deportation orders came despite the mass executions and ongoing fighting. Ottawa was putting people living in Canada on planes and sending them back to the thick of it. That didn’t end until last month.

VICE spoke with one immigration lawyer whose clients—a family with children claiming refugee status—were slated to be deported to the Islamic State’s newest foothold.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) confirmed the numbers to VICE earlier this week, but refused to offer any details about the deportations. They confirmed that those deportations did not halt until last month.

“As a result of growing widespread violence effecting the entire Libyan population, the CBSA has imposed an Administrative Deferral of Removals (ADR) to Libya as of March 20, 2015,” a spokesperson said via email.

That decision came more than nine months after Canada moved all of its embassy staff to a secure location and warned all Canadians not to travel to the war-ravaged state. […]

The New Propaganda Video released by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) shows the killing of a group of Ethiopian Christians in Libya. In the shocking graphic video ISIS gunmen shoot and behead the captured group of Ethiopians. The video is 29 minutes long and at one point said “Muslim blood that was shed under the hands of your religion is not cheap,” but it did not specifically mention the Ethiopian government’s actions in Somalia. Various reports state that there are more than 28 men who were brutally murdered by the terrorist group.

The video begins with the history of Christian-Muslim relation. It also features the destruction of churches, icons and Christian monuments by masked men.

The Ethiopian government is in contact with their embassy in Cairo to verify the authenticity of the Video. The speculations are that these group of Ethiopians might be immigrants who were trying to reach Europe for a better livelihood.

Lord Have Mercy.

Sobbing and shaking, Mohamed Abdallah tries to explain why he still wants to risk crossing the Mediterranean Sea in an inflatable boat. He sits in a migrant detention centre in Zawya, Libya, surrounded by hundreds of fellow asylum seekers who nearly died this week at sea.

They survived only after being intercepted, detained and brought back to shore by Libyan coastguards, ending a week in which they went round in circles, starving and utterly lost. But despite their horror stories, Abdallah, 21, says the journey that his fellow inmates barely withstood – and that killed more than 450 others this week – is his only option.

“I cannot go back to my country,” says Abdallah, who is from Darfur, in Sudan. He left for what is now South Sudan in 2006, after he says his village was destroyed in the Darfur war, his father died, and his sisters raped. But in South Sudan, another war later broke out. So he made his way through the Sahara, a journey that he says killed his brother and cousin, to Libya. And there last year, he was witness to his third civil war in a decade – a war that still drags on, its frontline just a few miles from the camp at Zawya.

“There is a war in my country, there’s no security, no equality, no freedom,” Abdallah says. “But if I stay here, it’s just like my country. There is no security, there is violence. When you work, they take your money.”

He worked in a soap shop, and saved up to pay local smugglers for the boat to Europe. But just as he hoped to complete the payment, he was robbed, and then arrested. The recounting of his ordeal brings out first the tears, and then a conclusion: “I need to go to Europe.”

Please read this important article on the plight of African migrants in Libya:  Risking death in the Mediterranean: the least bad option for so many migrants