An image i’ve made for a mini-comic story that will be part of the collective comic book “Franky (et Nicole) 3″ (which will be published on june 19th by Les Requins Marteaux). The original drawing and many other exclusive ones will be on show in Paris at the gallery Arts Factory / Bastille from june the 3d until the 30th of july during a collective exhibition together with Arnaud Loumeau and Fräneck :

Yes, libraries are important because the knowledge of their staff, among other things, allows an accurate and essential service to researchers and patrons!

Not sure about the outliving the internet part though, unless society collapses and we lose electricity? I’d still be in the Library at the end of the world.


Portraits of homeless people using libraries

“In a series of moving portraits of homeless people using San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose’s public libraries, Fritz Hoffmann tells a visual story of forgotten people in quiet reflection and study, and makes us remember something we’d prefer to forget. The librarians in the story see their role as defending democratic access to information and ideas and public space – in San Francisco, the library system now has a full-time social worker.“
- via boingboing