Summer is the perfect time to read some Gothic horror. In this spirit, here are two nice hardcover copies of Dracula and The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker. These represent just a tiny fraction of the horror books we have here in the Hevelin Collection.

Stoker, Bram. Dracula. New York: Doubleday, Page, & Co. 1927.

Stoker, Bram. The Jewel of Seven Stars. New York & London: Harper & Brothers Publishers. 1904.  

-Laura H. 


These three plates were used to print USGS topographic maps of Rock Island. Each paper would have been run through three times to catch all the details of each plate on the same sheet. The first photo shows the plate that added contour lines, the second added bodies of water, and the third added cities, roads, latitude, and longitude.

Sorry for the poor photo quality. Turns out it’s extremely difficult to photograph highly reflective copper.


This week’s #BeautifulMath is a practical manual on geometry and perspective, written by an artist, for artists.  Giulio Troili, otherwise known as Il Paradosso (or “The Paradox” - apparently he also had a superhero alter ego), was known for the expert use of perspective in his paintings.  He first published this work, Paradossi per pratticare la prospettiva senza saperla (Paradoxes of practicing perspective without knowing it) in 1672, in order to teach other artists, who may not have had a background in mathematics, how to employ mathematical perspective in a variety of situations.  The edition shown here was printed in 1683. It has a vellum spine and boards covered with an interesting block-printed patterned paper.

In this work, Troili covers basic geometry, then goes on to show various techniques and devices for helping to incorporate mathematical principles into art.  This edition is bound with another of his famous works, a treatise on the pantograph - a device he called the parallelogram - which we will feature tomorrow!  This book has numerous woodcuts and decorations, and there were far too many to limit to just one post.

Troili, Giulio, 1613-1685. Paradossi per pratticare la prospettiva senza saperla : fiori, per facilitare l'intelligenza, frvtti, per non operare alla cieca. Bologna : Per G. Longhi, 1683. MU Ellis Special Collections Rare Folio NC749 .T7  

California’s Homeless Find a Quiet Place

By Fritz Hoffmann

On a recent visit to the Sacramento library, the high number of homeless patrons I saw there surprised me.Seeing them in that quiet space, consumed by traditional media, I was struck by the difference between them and most of society with its 24/7 connection to streaming digital media. I began this project to take myself out of my own patterns and habits, to change my perspective, to observe, to listen, to understand, and to share this place of quiet.

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My University: *builds a new library*

Everyone else: meh its so small, and its not even 24hr wtf!?

Me; *stands outside and tears up at its majestic beauty and fantasises  about how amazing it will be inside once its finished*

Me: *almost breaks down in happy tears when she sees at 1am it has colour changing mood lamps in the study areas*

Me: *actively plans to explore it on the day it opens*

Me; *gets highly emotional because its a new library. new books, new desks, the smell of newness, can explore it.*



Your new summer jam! :)

Slang Words of the Week #6

Enjoy this weekly series written by one of our great student library assistants!

It’s time for week six of slang words from 18th and 19th century slang dictionaries!

The word bob has a lot of meanings in English, even to the current day. Adding in these two definitions, we could say “Bob the bob with a bob (haircut) bobbed his head and stole a bob’s worth of goods.” 

This definition is short but rather chilling. In one sense it’s funny to think of clothing being bags to hold the body, but it’s hard to not think of the modern association of death and corpses.

This definition really speaks for itself. There’s not much you can say to follow up on a general pooping himself and a man calling a nobleman a goose. 

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back next week for more slang words!


Dutch Church Converted Into a Bookstore

Located in the city of Zwolle in the Netherlands, In 2013 ‘Waanders In de Broeren’ opened its door for the general public. A 15th century church, it was refurbished to meet the functions of a bookshop by BK. Architecten. Although it contains authentic details true to the original structure of the church, such as its high, ornate ceilings and monumental pillars, its main goal is to sell its products. Its new purpose has transformed the church into a unique cultural heritage site.


Libraries on the offense in the digital revolution

By Jazzy Wright

Today, American Libraries magazine launched,Digital Futures a new digital supplement that features articles both on how libraries are innovating and leading, as well as paths ahead for taking the initiative. Digital Futures is the fifth American Libraries magazine supplement on ebooks and digital content.

“I’m so pleased to see story after story about librarians being proactive related to the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital revolution,” said American Library Association (ALA) President Courtney Young in apress statement. “For example, the National Digital Platform proposed by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) will accelerate the necessary trend of increased sharing of technology tools and services across libraries, as discussed in an article by Maura Marx, IMLS acting director, and Trevor Owens, IMLS senior program officer.”

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