Wenn man den Menschen gefunden hat der einem gibt, wonach manche ein Leben lang suchen, dann lass ihn nicht einfach so gehen. Kämpf um ihn ganz gleich wie schwer es auch sein mag, denn so ein Mensch begegnet uns wenn überhaupt nur ein einziges Mal im Leben.

{And he asked me—

                                                                                   Why do you cut?

    So I asked him,              why was he breathing            

                                                                     And he replied;

                                   To keep l






                                                                  So I smiled.

   Because this was why 

                                   I was so full of scars.}


A breath of fresh air!

What do you think of this advertising campaign by Coca Cola in 2011?

What you’re seeing is a “living” billboard located in the heart of Manila’s busiest street which handles an average of 316,345 cars a day.

The billboard is made of recycled coke bottles used as pots which are filled with a mixture of industrial by-products and organic fertilisers. The 3,600 pots were filled with Fukien tea plants and a drip irrigation system was installed for efficient watering.

This is a great example of how our concepts of advertising can evolve in an eco friendly manner. This campaign is both effective with regard coca cola’s advertising goals and is reflective of a growing public concern for the environment.

I would like to see much more of this in 2015.


Mahirap magmahal ng isang taong hindi ka mahal. Hindi lang dahil mahirap umasa na mamahalin ka din niya pabalik kundi dahil hindi mo alam kung gaano kalayong katangahan ka nito dadalhin. Hindi naman tayo nasasaktan dahil nagmahal tayo. Nasasaktan tayo kasi pinipilit nating mahalin tayo pabalik. Sa proseso nun nakakagawa tayo ng mga bagay na hindi naman normal na ginagawa. Hindi natin namamalayan nagpapakatanga na pala tayo sa isang taong alam naman nating wala tayong mapapala. Hindi naman kasi madaling ibaling ang pagmamahal sa ibang tao. Kung ganun sana kadali yun, ang dali siguro mag move on. Kasi hindi mo na kailangan iburol yung feelings mo sa isang taong di ka kayang mahalin ng katumbas ng pagmamahal mo pabalik, diretso libing na agad ng feelings.