also i'm really sick of social justice t-shirt and poster making companies using really borderline generic designs

take this image by Liberation Ink for their Assata Shakur t-shirt

i’m sorry, but there’s nothing about this design to remotely suggest that this is Assata and not just a woman with an Afro

there’s nothing unique about her features or presentation to convince me that she’s Assata

its like, i get the economy behind designing like this 

its an image that’s easy enough to mass transfer onto many t-shirts without very little effort

but if we’re going to make “liberation” or “revolutionary”/“social justice” t-shirts

can they be revolutionary in the sense that the graphic design is a celebration of our natural features, reclaimed beauty, and a shifting aesthetic politic that decolonizes itself?

Viet Unity repping Liberation Ink!

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Viet Unity has had several formations in the last decade. Currently in a re-formation stage, Viet Unity identifies as a grassroots Vietnamese collective. We are involved in projects supporting those affected by British Petroleum’s disastrous oil spill and organizing with our brothers and sisters across the United States.

We believe in self-determination of peoples in the Vietnamese Diaspora, and stand in solidarity with peoples’ struggles for self-determination all over the world.

We believe in power for the people, meaning that all stakeholders have equal voice and decision-making power.

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1. Ricoh GX3050SFN printer Driver Download

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