In the UK Men must now PROVE that a woman consented to sex. Except *how can you*. No, seriously, how do you prove she consented without filming her during every single sex act?

Men accused of date rape will need to convince police that a woman consented to sex as part of a major change in the way sex offences are investigated.
The Director of Public Prosecutions said it was time for the legal system to move beyond the concept of “no means no” to recognise situations where women may have been unable to give consent.
Alison Saunders said rape victims should no longer be “blamed” by society if they are too drunk to consent to sex, or if they simply freeze and say nothing because they are terrified of their attacker.
Instead, police and prosecutors must now put a greater onus on rape suspects to demonstrate how the complainant had consented “with full capacity and freedom to do so”.

Holy fucking shit

This is insane.

There’s simply no way to prove you’re innocent, you just can’t. Every woman can now have every man she fucks brought up on charges that it is impossible for him to defend against.

And every dopey fucking Feminist reading this is all “IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE ACCUSED OF RAPE DON’T RAPE!!!”

You’re not getting it. A man is now effectively guilty until proven innocent and ONLY MEN IN THE UK CAN BE CONVICTED OF RAPE BECAUSE THE STATE DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THAT MALES CAN BE RAPE VICTIMS.



The ability to consent to sex should also be questioned where the complainant has mental health problems, learning difficulties or was asleep or unconscious at the time of the alleged attack, she said.

This has to stop. A woman can say she was raped, even if she consented to sex… because she has learning difficulties

WHAT… THE… FUCK!?!?!?!?!?

This has got to stop… They’ve gone too far.


The Taiji, Japan Dolphin Capture and Slaughter: A Basic Rundown

It’s likely that you have heard about Taiji before, but unless you’ve gone out of your way to look into the subject, or you weren’t sure where to start digging, you may not know the whole story, or you may have been only given part of the picture.

It’s likely the whole picture is way worse than what you know.

So to start off.

What is Taiji?

Taiji, is a small fishing town in Japan that has a long history of hunting dolphins and small whales. 

Why do they hunt dolphins?

The reasoning behind their hunting includes killing them for their meat, “pest control” to lower fishermen’s competition when fishing for the same fish species that the dolphins eat, and to capture individuals to sell for live display in marine parks and aquariums.

Who is hunting these dolphins?

Despite the large amount of dolphins and whales that are killed, only about 25+ fishermen run the business. These fishermen are granted permits by the government, and contrary to what you may conclude, most of the town of Taiji doesn’t partake in the slaughter or capture in any form. Also, please don’t come to the conclusion that “all Japanese people want dolphins killed!!!!” Because this is just completely false. Most of Japan either knows little to nothing about these slaughters, or has no involvement at all in the business. In fact, there is a small, yet growing movement of Japanese people that are becoming aware and opposed to this mistreatment of these animals and the environment.

What’s the big deal if they’re killing these dolphins for meat?

Aside from your personal beliefs on consuming animals or animal products, hunting these dolphins for meat is both unnecessary and dangerous to the Japanese people who consume it. Dolphin meat is actually considered a fairly unpopular food product, and it’s been noticed that the main consumers of dolphin meat are older generations, many young Japanese people don’t consume and look down upon dolphin meat. It’s not a major food supply, and therefore not necessary. As well as this, dolphin meat contains toxic levels of mercury that can cause several severe/fatal diseases, birth defects, and mercury poisoning.

How are the dolphins killed?

The fishermen head out in their boats early in the morning to round up a passing by pod of cetaceans. In order to actually maneuver and drive these animals into the killing cove (a small cove hidden away where the animals are netted and slaughtered/captured), the fishermen use long metal rods lowered into the water to bang on, creating a wall of sound underwater, spooking the animals and driving them in the direction that the men want them to go. Once netted off, certain individuals may be picked out for captivity and are and taken away, while the others are killed. The fishermen used to use long metal rods to stab the dolphins repeatedly until they bled out, but since the airing of the Documentary “The Cove,” more people have become outraged at their methods, and the fishermen now drag the animals onto the beach, where they set up tarps so outsiders cannot see or photograph what’s happening, and drive a metal rod right behind the animal’s head, meaning to sever the spinal chord and cause immediate death. However, undercover footage shows this death is neither immediate nor painless. The link to the video is at the bottom of the post, but be warned that it’s EXTREMELY graphic. Afterwards the carcasses are loaded up and taken to the slaughterhouse to be packaged and discarded.

What kind of cetaceans are killed?

The targeted species include:

  • Risso’s Dolphins
  • Bottlenose Dolphins
  • False Killer Whales
  • Striped Dolphins
  • Short Finned Pilot Whales
  • Pantropical Spotted Dolphins
  • Pacific White Sided Dolphins

When Does this hunt occur?

It used to take place from October to March, but in recent years it’s changed to September to February. This is likely due to a decreasing amount of demand for dolphin meat.

What aquariums obtain dolphins and whales from this drive?

Due to the massive amount of dolphins that are captured here and the secrecy that the trainers and fishermen try to uphold, it’s impossible to keep track of every dolphin taken from the hunts and transported to aquariums. However, we do know of most of them, and Taiji dolphins occupy pools in aquariums in these countries:

  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • China
  • Korea
  • Ukraine
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Thailand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Taiwan
  • The Philippines 

The United States doesn’t currently actively obtain dolphins from the hunts directly because the NMFS doesn’t allow dolphin imports from captures that are deemed “inhumane.” Before that ruling however, cetaceans like False Killer Whales and dolphins were actively imported by facilities like Seaworld, the Indianapolis Zoo, Miami Seaquarium, and the US Navy. There are sightings of dolphin brokers from the US in Taiji on occasion, however, and these American parks will sometimes do business with other facilities that obtain Taiji dolphins, therefore indirectly supporting the slaughter and capture.

How can I learn more, get involved and stay updated on current Taiji events?

  • Look into the Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project website, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc
  • Check out the #Tweet4Taiji hashtags on twitter and facebook
  • Watch the documentary “The Cove” for free here:
  • Educate your friends and family. Knowledge is power, and we can’t help what we don’t know about.
  • Host a screening of The Cove at your school or workplace.
  • Attend nearby protests, or organize your own.
  • Boycott all marine parks and aquaria that keep cetaceans captive, regardless of if they have dolphins from Taiji or not. All parks are interconnected in some way, usually financially.
  • Donate to the Dolphin Project, and encourage others to do the same. Your funds will go directly towards the campaign. 

Video Showing the slaughtering of a Taiji Dolphin:

Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project Website:

And when I speak, I don’t speak as a Democrat. Or a Republican. Nor an American. I speak as a victim of America’s so-called democracy. You and I have never seen democracy - all we’ve seen is hypocrisy. When we open our eyes today and look around America, we see America not through the eyes of someone who has enjoyed the fruits of Americanism. We see America through the eyes of someone who has been the victim of Americanism. We don’t see any American dream. We’ve experienced only the American nightmare
—  Malcolm X.

assassins at the zoo

edward trying to steal a monkey

haytham buying useless things from the gift shop

connor yelling hump day at the camels

ezio caring about nothing but the flamingos

arno starting at penguins

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adewale wanting to play with the big cats

"Friends, our opponents have been clear. They would take away the Universal Child Care Benefit. They’ve said so on many occasions." — Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a speech Sunday prior to the resumption of the House of Commons.

With the House of Commons returning this week from a five-week break, Prime Minister Stephen Harper set the stage for the 2015 federal election year with a speech to hundreds of supporters Sunday at a suburban Ottawa high school.

The Conservative government rolled out a pricey package of family tax breaks last October that included income splitting for stay-at-home spouses, a boost to the monthly Universal Child Care Benefit that’s been in place since 2006, and a new monthly benefit for children aged 6-17.

New Democrats and Liberals have sharply attacked the income-splitting plan, which will cost the federal treasury more than $2 billion a year and will impact only about 15 per cent of families.

However the Conservative move to augment the Universal Child Care Benefit cheque has not generated the same degree of opposition scrutiny or criticism.

So when Harper says the NDP and Liberals would eliminate the benefit — and have said so “on many occasions” — just how accurate is the prime minister’s assertion?

Spoiler alert: The Canadian Press Baloney Meter is a dispassionate examination of political statements culminating in a ranking of accuracy on a scale of “no baloney” to “full of baloney” (complete methodology below).

This one earns a rating of “full of baloney” — the statement is completely inaccurate. Here’s why.

Continue Reading.

ereshai knew to appeal to my animal transformations love, so here ‘s Coulson with Hawk!Clint in #6. 1st version.

Mrs. Elizabeth Montgomery & Mrs. Jeanne Manford
Pride Day Parade, New York City, 1974

In 1972, Morton Manford was physically attacked at a gay rights demonstration in New York.  Morty’s parents, Jeanne and Jules Manford, saw the attack on a local newscast and witnessed the failure of the police to intervene.  Their outrage turned them into activists.

The concept of PFLAG began in 1972 when Jeanne Manford marched with her gay son in New York’s Pride Day parade.  After many gay men and lesbians ran up to Jeanne during the parade and begged her to talk to their parents, Jeanne decided to begin a support group.  Approximately 20 people attended the first formal meeting held in March 1973 at a local church.

In the next years, through word of mouth and in response to community need, similar groups sprung up around the country, offering “safe havens” and mutual support for parents with gay and lesbian children.  Following the 1979 National March for Gay and Lesbian Rights, representatives from these support groups met for the first time in Washington, DC. 

In 1981, members decided to launch a national organization.  The first PFLAG office was established in Los Angeles under founding President Adele Starr.

Me at tournaments

The call by the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) ‘to defend the Rojava revolution’ has reverberated in Europe as well as in Turkey. Internationalist revolutionaries have begun to travel to the land of the revolution. The goal is to establish an international brigade to defend the revolution in all languages and spread the language of revolution throughout the world.

The Rojava revolution not only brings news of a new life to the peoples of the Middle East, but also to the peoples of the whole world.

The MLKP was the first organisation in the Turkish revolutionary movement to respond to the revolution in Rojava. Since the beginning of the revolution there it has taken its place, even if only with a modest force, both in the construction of the revolution and in the front line.

At the moment the MLKP has fighters in Serêkaniyê and Kobanê in Rojava and also in Sinjar fighting alongside the HPG/YJA Star guerrillas and the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBŞ) against ISIS.

Four MLKP fighters have fallen in the struggle, Serkan Tosun, who died in Serêkaniyê on 14 September 2013 and Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı (Paramaz Kızılbaş), Sibel Bulut (Sarya Özgür) and Oğuz Saruhan (Algan Zafir), who fell during the resistance in Kobanê.

The MLKP is now engaged in trying to form an international brigade and is in contact with revolutionary organisations from Latin America to Europe and from the Balkans to the Far East.

MLKP members from Europe have also joined the brigade and Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, German, English and Spanish are being spoken. However, there is no problem with communication as the mother tongue is the language of revolution.

From Madrid to Rojava

The MLKP’s efforts to create an international brigade recall the international brigades established to defend Madrid during the Spanish Civil War. When I was with the fighters I could hear the words ‘No pasaran’ in my ears. In those days Spain was not just Spain, it was the peoples’ hope and future.

Nearly 80 years later communists say: “Rojava is not just Rojava” and are coming to join the international brigade.

MLKP commander Dilan Serkan said the party had been in Rojava since 2012, adding that they had predominantly fought in the ranks of the YPG/YPJ. She said: “The Rojava revolution is a new signal flare of hope in the Middle East, Turkey and North Kurdistan. We want to help construct and develop this revolution. As MLKP fighters we are aware of our role and task in this process. We have gained valuable experience here and the idea of an international brigade has grown out of this.”

Rojava is a call for world revolution

Dilan Serkan said that an international brigade would be an expression of international solidarity with Rojava, and would be one of the main channels for carrying the hope of the revolution to the rest of the world. “An international brigade is essential as Rojava might be a small place, but it contains a great treasure. A new hope is putting forth shoots. We therefore wish to emphasise the importance for all parties and organisations of taking ownership of this project and for concrete steps to be taken without delay.”


‘Nobody knows where Apple’s tax is paid’ | Channel 4 News