TW: brutal police repression at Gezi Gardens in San Francisco 
June 13, 2013

This morning around 2AM we were were woken up from our encampment at Gezi Gardens by about 200 police officers & SWAT personnel. Immediately, they detained several members of the community, arrested several and corralled the rest of us out.

Three brave tree sitters were able to stay in their tree platforms while the police raided camp. Graciela was able to video the following recording of police cutting the rope that sitter was holding, causing him to fall roughly 40 feet to the ground.

He is in the hospital & his condition is unkown. We shared the video with media across the Bay Area, but we don’t know if they will air it. Please view & share this video so that the world can know what about San Francisco police brutality but be aware that this likely caused serious, potentially permanent injury.

Here’s the video that Graciela recorded of the incident!