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That's honestly my biggest fear about this: it'll be a repeat of the summer where they thought all of us wanted Cas or were gonna boycott it and extended his scenes. Let the writers do their damn job and stop acting like you're entitled to anything. It's fair to criticize and critique but acting like they need to cater their product for you alone is wrong and ruins the integrity AND VALUE of the production. Ugh. I'm so mad about it, I had to blacklist the creators and the blog.

Holy shit, this couldn’t be more perfect!

Can I marry my crushes? Because this is absolutely fantastic. I’m pretty sure you’re missing something super important if you’re not following these amazing people.

“I want to do a painting of your face, of what you look like when you’re about to come. There’s such beautiful anguish in it, Jen. You know they call orgasms ‘the little death’? That’s what it looks like to me, like you’re dying a little and being reborn, happier and more at peace.”

He looks up, briefly, tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear, refolds his hands over his naked chest and says, “I know it sounds fucking corny. It sounds like a bad line from a movie or something, but I started loving you then, after that first day. I love you more each time I see you, each time I touch you. How could I not love you, Jensen?”


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Because I forgot to do this on Friday and therefore it has to be done right now … procrastination is a beautiful thing.

Keke & Priestly & Jake & Libby & Jen & Elisha & Anna

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I’m going to sound so dumb, but how is it supposed to be pronounced?

no babe you don’t sound dumb!!! it’s like, a soft a? omg i don’t know how to TYPE A SOUND HOW DO U EVEN

o k going to wikipedia hold up


plz someone help me okay it’s pronounced \ˈa-nəlz\  omg click this

there u go