Pretty Little Liars

Jason does not have a twin.
Jason does not have a brother.
Jason is not A.

For me, this is very obvious.
I believe that the three children in the home video are Alison, Jason, and Andrew. Andrew is not in any way related to them.

Andrew’s parents own the farm in which they are visiting. (Since they share the same name and it is presumed that this is not just a coincidence). Many other families typically visit the farm as well.

Including Spencer’s.

We can assume that all of the liars were at least aware of Andrew ever since they were young. Andrew cannot be A. He certainly could not have been sent away to Radley without the entire town finding out. (Rosewood loves its gossip).

In the video, Mrs. D is speaking to only one of the boys. That much is clear. Andrew is present simply because his parents own the farm.

It is said that, the vault contains the things that A cares about the most.
This seems strange. It can be presumed that A put ‘its’ own sister in prison. And, maybe, killed ‘its’ own mother. Both of those people are present in the video. If A cares so deeply for those people and ‘has a soul’, ‘it’ has a funny way of showing it.

The Dollhouse is more or less a joke. It was created to mock the liars. Mona is even made to look and act as though she is Alison. The person she hates the most.

I believe that Jason is Varjack. He has created an alias and has started his own investigation into who framed his sister. Andrew, his friend since a very young age, is assisting him.
A part of me wants to believe that Jason and Andrew created the dollhouse in order to punish the liars because he believes that they are the cause of all of the bad luck which has fallen upon his family. I don’t think this is true, though. After all, he is Spencer’s half brother. And he may or may not be in love with Aria. Even if this is true however, I still do not believe that Jason is A.

There is something weird going on with a certain Miss Spencer Hastings…

She is intelligent enough to build a device which can disable the electricity in the Dollhouse. From memory.
but is not intelligent enough to piece together the ample clues which are available to lead to the unmasking of A. Hmm.

Is Spencer A? No. Probably not.

But she knows who A is.
And so does/ did Maya.
And so do I, I think.

I’m getting there.

Stages of being a PLL addict

Step 1) Watches the latest episode.

Step 2) Re-watches the episode taking note of every word and every little detail in each scene.

Step 3) Finds a hint about a theory you have/read. 

Step 4) Rewatches the whole series to back up your theory, conducting clues and evidence. You now are pretty sure you know who A is.

Step 5 Repeat steps 1,2,3,4 and 5 until you have accused every character, extra and camera man of being A.

Liars and their dumb flock. I find it interesting the world people want honesty, they talk that they want it, but still lie their faces off to folks. Even when you blasted them for lying there’s always a person, or a group of people defending the lie a person has spoken. Now in this social media based life we live its really easy for people to tell a lie, and to live a lie for likes, a follow, or just to stunt attention. For me I only ask why? Why must people lie for others to judge them? Is it because nobody was good to you? Were you not loved or given attention as a kid? Or are you just addicted to being a pathological liar?! Liars never prosper and neither do the pound of dumb people who choose to believe them. There’s no truth to lies, there is no good to cover a person for it. Live. In. Your. Truth. ! Only good can come from being truthful. No matter how much you try to convenience people your lies are real, the truth always comes out. Lying is like a web that tracks are shown… The more you lie…the more you leave your tracks.

Pretty Little Liars Finale Answers

Marlene said she wanted fans to be able to piece things together. Yes, the blocks spelt out “Charles” and Mona’s anagram in her book was “Charles Dilaurentis” but also “Nerd Lucas is the Liar”. Lucas is Charles. Just a brother to Alison and Jason. Growing up Lucas/Charles either wanted to be like Alison or wanted to be a girl… which would explain 1. Mrs. D buying the two dresses (possibly) 2. His obsession with dolls/dollhouse 3. Why Alison hated Lucas so much, and him her. 4. Why Alison always called Lucas “hermy” and “Hermaphrodite” 5. Why he is making the girls act out prom, remember back at homecoming? He only went to photograph the event. Lucas is Charles, was shunned by the DiLaurentis family, and was who Mrs. D could no longer protect.- #FacebookTheory.

About Charles

I have  few things I want you to think about:

- We are supposed to think that Charles is Jason’s twin brother, right?

1. If he is his twin, than why they didn’t show us his face? This reminded me of “ALISON IS A! ALISON IS A! ALISON IS A” when everyone was screaming that, but if it was so clear that Alison is A, than why we have never saw her face. Just like now…..

2. Why the boys in the video looked like, one of them is a bit older than the other?

3.  Hello??

does that means nothing to you? “say good night to your sister. Give her a little kiss. What a good boY you are. Good boyS good boyS.”

4. How are we supposed to believe that this is Alison since she is 7 years younger than Jason and these boys are 4-5 year old. But Jason is 5 years older than Bethany. Who said that this is Alison?

5. What was with the two yellow matching dresses in the Christmas episode? What was with the twin sign in Alison’s room? What was with all “Alison is having twin signs’’ if Jason was one with the twin?

6. How come A and Black widow are same person if A is Charles? 

7. I think that one of the girls having a twin would have been so much more interesting, also I think A being a female would be much better too!

- What is Sara Harvey connection?

1. Marlene said that we’ll hear from another missing girl next season. Sara? Bethany?

2. How can be Sara related to all of this if she is from another town and Rosewood is such a mess!

3. Does Mona know about Sara?

4. Why the girls didn’t searched more about her?

- Alison

1. We all know Alison is smart, manipulative and she always gets what she wants! She knew Jason was Peter Hastings son. Did she knew about Charles? May be Charles is not Jason’s twin.

2. What was 5x24 A ending mean? Alison stays in prison, but who else stays with her? We see A puts a doll where Alison was and kidnapping the others. Who stayed with Alison?

- The girls

1. If we assume that Charles is Jason’s twin, than we can find a reason for him to torture Alison. She was happy, living with their family, but he was left in Radley (or somewhere else) no one cared for him. But here’s the question why didn’t he torture Jason? Only Alison and …. the girls! Why did he torture them? It wasnt their fault he was left in Radley. He also killed people: may be Ian and eventually Maya (if she is even dead). He blackmailed Melissa. Why, why would he do that if he is mad at Alison and DiLaurentis family?

5X25 Summary.
  • Mona is alive. And has to act like Alison.
  • Spencer's parents know about A.
  • The girls are trapped in the middle of no where.
  • The girls Have to re-enact a prom that Melissa and Ian went to.
  • Jason has a twin who happens to be A. Charles is A.
  • The cops are in A's lair therefore tanner actually trusts that "A" is real.
  • There is no way out of A's doll house. Girls are left trapped by the end of the episode.