Pll theory: Charles

After watching tonight’s episode I am almost certain on this theory I came up with. Sara Harvey has barely been a part of this show. Clearly their is a reason as to why she is on the show now. I think that Charles has dual personality. He acts as Charles and then becomes Sara when he gets in a certain mood. Think about it. Let’s say Charles is mrs.D’s son. Remember that flashback in the Christmas episode… Mrs d had two dresses and didn’t want Ali to tell her dad maybe because her dad wasn’t aware that his son has that serious of a mental illness. Also if Sara/Charles was in Radley then that would connect Bethany and mrs d, because her son/Charles/Sara was in Radley so maybe that is why mrs d was on the board. It would also explain why sometimes we see a obviously girl figure and guy figure. And I bet next episode they still won’t have A because it is Sara Harvey/Charles. That is the perfect escape for them to still be A but no one will expect it cuz they seemed like a victim. Anyways sorry for any grammatical errors. Pease out homies


Pretty Little Liars - 6x02 - Songs Of Innocence - Official Promo

PLL is BACK bitchesssss!!!! Next week the drama is around!

Who is Charles Dilaurentis? WHAT? Not what, WHO? hahahhaha that killed me

buchanana-barnes asked:

Do u have any tips for writing characters who are good at manipulation and are good at lying? Thanks!!

  1. Good liars are able to forget that they’re lying. That is, they throw themselves wholeheartedly into the lie that they’re telling. 
  2. Good liars know how to use bits of truth to their advantage. 
  3. Good liars and manipulators know how to rely on the emotions of the person they’re lying to - whether they rely on that person’s greed, sense of shame, good nature, etc. There’s a reason the “con” in “con artist” is short for “confidence”. 
  4. In that same vein, it’s a misconception that good liars are “sociopaths” who don’t understand human emotion. Good liars and manipulators rely on having a good understanding of emotion in order to twist it to their advantage. 
  5. Good liars don’t volunteer everything all at once. They may have a ready backstory available, but they let the person they’re lying to “pull” it out of them. Volunteering too much information makes you look suspicious and pushy.