yey! made another follow friday! omg i hope you like the graphic

these are the people i’ve talked to this, and last week. they are so nice. also included are the people who have the most perfect blogs, reblogs and posts so i recommend you to follow them.

in no particular order

liampaynedotcom, captainzarry, steferine, jemstyles, happinessishardtofind, drunkenniall, narrysh, blamestyles, wankinglou, popchoran, joshydevine, lustingforyous, rockwithyous, tomlintitty, fasterharry, nananarry, nippleitis, missinglou, flyniall, vaginiam, jadoreniam, sextinhoran, whiteskmo, kingzouis, styuhls, e-d-w-a-r-d-s-t-y-l-e-s, zmalek, boneharry, tommoporno, banglarry, niallismyirishmofo, paynut, irishbanging, ahoyziam, cheshair, tomlinsarse, zarry, tomlinsonoff, hazgasms, homoskimo, ollymers, peenstagram, zmalicake, lickinglou, javaadjavaad, niallhigh, fuckyeahzouis, hellomaliks, kneeyum, evernialls, zahrry, lourystyles (i liked gayrold omg), fehroohz, fromdoncaster, guydirectioners, tomlegendson, zaynable, tommosmile


omfg i was lazy to link forgive me

i hope i didn’t forget anyone

anyways, thank you guys for making my dash beautiful and all that stuff

i love you <3

tomm-s asked:

☼ ☼ ☼

like: your posts and your theme 

dislike: your description could be a little crowded but thats my opinion xx

Send me a ☼ and I´ll tell what I like and dislike about your blog 


okay.. so, first of all, sorry for the crappy 15-minute edit these are the blogs that make my dashboard beautiful with flawless edits and reblogs. i just followed some of them recently. and i’ve been following the rest since i was a fetus.

nananarry • fasterharry • liampaynedotcom • tomlinsonpanties • totallyniam • fuckiniall • zarrybitch • zaynable • tommosmile • wankinglou • louisismydirection • dtf-stylinson • itsniall • steferine • bbradford • blamestyles • edsheerun • epicdirection • tomlinsland • tomlegendson • kryptoniall • jaweedz • drunkenniall • kneeyum • playedtilmyfingersbled • evernialls • holazarry • zahrry • vaginiam • captainzarry • gayrold • nipshire • missinglou • flyniall • deerstagram • fromdoncaster • horanschicken • di-rectioner • nippleitis • pubestagram • niallhigh


thank you all. i love you! <3