Okay I'm just gonna be honest here

We defended Zayn when he left two months ago. Two. Months. He never said goodbye, never thanked us. He didn’t give us anything when we gave him everything for 5 years. WE did that for THEM, for HIM. And in two fucking months he turned his back on the millions who put him in the position he’s in today, and especially on the 4 who had his back the entire fucking way. He called them brothers multiple times, even thanked them at the Asian awards TWO GODDAMN WEEKS AGO saying they were the 4 best lads he’d ever know, and now all of the sudden it’s Naughty Boy or nothing for him.
I’m just so fucking done. He made us look like fools for still having his back all this time, and he tore Louis down alongside a ‘friend’ he’s had for like a year. We’ve always known that Louis is all about us and that he’s always there for us and he just continues to prove it to us time and time again. And the one time Zayn steps in he shows us exactly where his shitty loyalty is in about 5 minutes when it took him almost a month to tweet anything after he shattered everyone’s hearts.
All I can really say is once again Naughty Boy proves himself to be an utter shit bag, Zayn just 100% gave up Louis as a friend and probably the other boys as well if the fact that he unfollowed all of them is anything to go by, and Louis has once again proved himself to be the best person ever and still continues to defend this fandom no matter what; not to mention he never replied to Zayn’s tweet because that’s just how much respect Louis has for his friends. And we need to take a cue from him and defend the 4 of them like never before. We need to be there for them because now it’s absolutely crystal fucking clear that this “good terms” shit is out the damn window.
No more of this “it will always be 5/5” and “1D isn’t 1D without Zayn”. It’s 4/4 now and yes they fucking are. This is 1D now. Zayn gave it up when he left and he just proved it now. It’s time for us to step it up and show Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam that they don’t need Zayn to keep us, and we have to prove it to everyone who’s listening that One Direction is still here, and that 4 loyal and sweet boys are all we need.

Ok but

When you decided to take a break.
We stood by you.
When you said you wanted to leave because it wasn’t real for you any more and you wanted to have a normal life.
We stood by you.
When you choose to stay with Naughty Boy even though he was treating your fans like shit.
We stood by you.
When there were whispers of your want for a solo career.
We said we’d stand by you.

I have tried. Fuck I’ve tried. But you have done nothing but vaguely tweet some form of thank you and shit on two of the members of a band that has tried their hardest to show their dedication and support for the people who stood by them. I’d much rather support people that stand up for me as well.


Whoops, I’m a little late. (Thanks technical difficulties), but the dragon au comic is officially here! I hope you guys enjoy it! I know I had a lot of fun making it. 

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