Li Bingbing in L’OFFICIEL China October 2014 issue

'Transformers 4' and 'Resident Evil' star Li Bingbing covers the latest L'OFFICIEL China. She looks absolutely stunning in this traditional Chinese styled editorial with bright skin, elegant hairdo and classic red lips. 

If Book 3 or The Search was a live-action movie...

Ryan Potter as Aang

Seychelle Gabriel as Katara

Booboo Stewart as Sokka

Amber Liu as Toph Beifong

Wu Yifan as Fire Lord/Prince Zuko

Im Jin-Ah as Princess Azula

Choi Jin-Ri as Suki

Li Bingbing as Mai

Kim Tae-Yeon as Ty Lee

Kenji Sakaguchi as Fire Lord Ozai

Park Ji-Young as Ursa

Jackie Chan as General Iroh