pyroblade55 asked:

Would you happen to know if there were a digital mannequin program, I.e. a human shape you could pose and use as reference?

Hi there! Some websites we have are

  • EggaZyoutatsu - Gives you a randomized skeleton and allows you to draw over it on the website
  • Sketchfab - View 3D models for free 
  • Posemaniacs - 3D renderings of bodies. you can pose and change the angle as you wish.
  • our #anatomy tag

I don’t think we have anything that  you can pose at will, all of these have ready made poses and models. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to send us a fanmail and I’ll add it to the post! :) 

The low-frequency hum that passes for emotion on The X-Files may seem almost Bressonian when compared to the overheated style of most TV acting, but over the years Mulder and Scully have found plenty of cause to tear away their masks. It’s noteworthy that Mulder, who lost his father, and Scully, whose sister was killed and who herself was stricken by a mysterious cancer, are the show’s most important casualties. That the two often operate at an emotionally low register indicates their professionalism (big agents don’t cry), but, critically, their blankness also serves as a reminder that Mulder and Scully are more spectators to the surrounding madness than active participants. Which, more than anything else, explains their appeal to the some 20 million Americans who every week hitch a ride on their tribulations.

LA Weekly, June 1998