Today had a lot of exporting so I needed to decompress. You all know what I do when I need to do that. I feel 12. Remember when Syaoran was all mysterious and cool and Clamp drew his eyes kind of like Rayearth? NO?! I’m getting old. 

Also, Also, I promise I’m catching up on everything I need to! 


24 secondes en 24 heures co- réalisé avec Hadrien Kobylarz dans le cadre du concours 24h/24s sur le thème imposé : LIBERTÉ
PRIX du Scénario, de la Bande-son et du meilleur FILM

LONG ISLAND: Need a new home for your ferret friend?

My name is jay and I am looking for a second ferret. I know sometimes people need to rehome their ferrets and I’d be the perfect person for them.

My only ferret, Mabel, is a marked white age 2 and fairly small, but is afraid of nothing. She plays a little rough but I think that’s because she’s very rarely been around other ferrets. Currently she is in Virginia with my boyfriend while I visit my family.

I’m only here a few weeks so this will be useless after 4/3/2015 or so

So please if you have any more questions about my ferret-keeping abilities send a message to my ask box!