5sos Zodiac sign that you would lose your virginity to

Aries: Calum
Pisces: Michael
Aquarius: Luke
Cancer: ashton
Libra: Michael
Gemini: Ashton
Taurus: calum
Leo: Luke
Virgo: Ashton
Scorpio: Michael
Sagittarius: Luke
Capricorn: calum

But just imagine you and the boys have a party with all of their and your friends. You’ve been swimming and Luke just stares at you from the concrete by the edge of the pool as you get out. You ask him if he wants to go swimming and he says he doesn’t want to get his hair wet so you call him a girl and push him in and after going under and resurfacing he looks at you with a sMILE ON HIS FACE THE GRABS YOUR LEGS AND PULLS YOU IN WITH HIM SOMEONE TAKE MY COMPUTER AWAY FROM ME

anonymous said:

hiiiiiii I'm so obsessed with your writing oh my but will you give some luke oneshots/writing recs like you did for Michael??? :)

(these are all smut wow sorry i’m such a horndog)

5sosafterparty and 5sosnsfw also have a lot of oneshots. also go lurk in plaidhemmos, artsyhemmo, bbymikey, misfithood, and rose6sos' blurb tags bc they have great luke stuff too!!!

and you can always check my rec tag bc i might be forgetting stuff !!!!!!