Klutz Pt. 2 (Luke Hemmings Fic)


A/N: A lot happens in this and it’s super long, but I really want to write a part 3 (maybe part 100 you never know) so let me know if you like it/want more!

Requested: ya a ton thank you all for letting me skip homework :))))

Word Count: almost 10k (lmao lmao lmao)

warning: there is a little vomiting so if you get triggered/can’t deal be careful my little angels

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Unknown - Chapter One (Shadowhunter AU)

Requested: Well kinda, after I talked about it. 

Word count: 2,100+

Unknown - Chapter One

Your POV

I tried to calm myself as I paced quickly down the dark street. Nothing. I thought to myself. You saw nothing. I repeated again. And again as my heart beat frantically against my chest. It was cool out, and why I felt the need to walk home alone from the bar I hadn’t decided. Well there was the fact that my boyfriend-ex boyfriend now- was being a total ass hat and I had stormed out of the bar, my apartment building a few blocks away in mind as a location to calm down. I don’t know why I kept reminding myself I was seeing nothing, because I knew I was seeing something. There was just something comforting in the thought that there wasn’t anything there. My heels beat against the sidewalk in angry, quick strides giving off a noise that made me feel vulnerable to the quiet dark street. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up straight and I was anxiously gripping at my leather jacket, looking for any kind of warmth I could find.

And that’s when I heard it. It was the mix between a growl and hissing noise, getting louder as I took each step forward. Most people would’ve run in this case, but I stopped. I stood still, my eyes trying to find the location of the noise in the dark. Nothing to be seen. Until I saw it. Four glowing eyes staring at me through the dark, in the distance. What was attached to the eyes, I didn’t want to know. Slowly and steadily I reached down and slipped off my heels, pulling them into my hand and taking a deep breath. I had no choice really, other than to run. And so I did. I took off as quickly as possible, dashing forward at an adrenaline rushed speed. I knew there was a turn I could take ahead with lots of places to run off into, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. The sound of pounding feet and loud animalistic noises were heavy on my feet, following closely behind. The temptation to look behind me to figure out what was chasing me was immense, but I knew it was my best bet to look forward, focusing on the running.

Up ahead, to the right was a turn I knew well and I knew I could take, easily losing whatever was behind me. I sprinted harder, only to find myself falling forward over a knocked over trash bin, my ankle twisting in the process. I let out a whine of pain and caught myself on my hands, gravel burning into the soft skin of my palms. I turned myself around with enough time to catch a glimpse of the chaser. Or should I say two chasers. “What the hell?” I questioned under my breath, my eyes widening with fear. They looked like giant bears, with the teeth of sharks and the glowing eyes of a cat. They weren’t like anything I’d ever seen before. In fact, they weren’t normal at all. I figured I was dreaming but as they stalked towards me, eyeing me I felt my stomach tighten with anxiety. I swallowed, my hands shaking as I tried to bring myself to my feet. My ankle gave and I fell again, crying out in pain.

With that both of them lurched forward, towards me and I let out a terrified scream, bringing my arms folded over my head to protect myself. My eyes were screwed shut, but I heard the sound of metal slicing through the air quickly. Two loud thumps took place and I slowly opened my eyes, finding both bodies lying on the ground. Except now I wasn’t alone. Two boys stood staring at me, dressed in all black with swords hanging by their sides.

“Are you alright?” One of them asked taking a step forward, an accent peaking through. I tried to stand again to get away, or at least make myself somewhat less vulnerable but my ankle gave again and I cried out. “Careful, you’ll make it worse.” 

“What the fuck just happened?” I breathed, my eyes welling with tears. “What the hell were those things? Who the hell are you?” I trembled as the boy took another step forwards. 

“We’ll explain later, but for right now we need to get you to the institute.” The boy came into the light next to me and I took in his features. He was maybe a year older than me, but we were definitely close in age. His long brown hair was shaggy and tousled, and his hazel eyes that were bright and unlike anything I’d seen before were cautiously searching my body language. I was tense, I knew I was. But who wouldn’t have been in a situation like that?

“What were those things?” I demanded as I watched him lean down next to me, observing my ripped jeans and bloody palms.

“I told you, we’ll talk later.” The boy stated and pointed to my ankle, asking permission with his eyes to look at it. I gave a nervous nod before turning my attention back to my question.

“Please just tell me what the hell those things were.” I cried, my fear taking over me as I began to panic slightly.

“Demons, sweetheart. I’ll take it as you’ve never seen one before.” The boy standing off to the side chided as he walked into the light. His skin was flawless and pale, red lips and green eyes. His hair was bright red, and he had a piercing adorning his eyebrow. 

“Michael!” The boy observing my ankle snapped as he looked up at the boy. 

“What Ashton? She was going to find out anyways.” The boy I knew as Michael now spoke up, giving me a small smirk. I squeezed my eyes shut and felt the nausea waving over me. The high from my shock was gone and the pain was starting to set in. 

“I don’t feel very good.” I breathed quietly. 

“Shit.” Ashton said from beside me. “She’s passing out, Michael pick her up. We need to get to the institute. As soon as possible.” 

And just like that Michael was beside me in a second, one hand supporting my back another slipping under my legs, careful not to disturb my ankle any more. My eyes were closed and I pushed my face into the boy’s chest as he began to walk, my head spinning. “Ash, look at her knees.” I felt his voice through his broad chest. “She must’ve fell on something, the cuts shouldn’t be that deep.” I moaned against him trying to find words, but as Ashton had predicted, I was passing out. And everything faded to black.


“It doesn’t make any sense.” An unrecognizable voice pulled me from my sleep and I opened my eyes, shocked by the light coming through the room. It was wide, and beautiful, stone. Carvings in languages I didn’t understand, and symbols I’d never seen before littered the walls and roof. There were multiple beds spread across the room like the one I was laying in. It looked like an infirmary of some sort.

“She’s awake.” A voice spoke up from beside me and I turned to find myself looking at a tan boy. He was sitting on the bed next to me, dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt. He was muscular, and intimidating. With large brown eyes and a strong jaw, black ink decorating one of his arms.

“Thank god.” The voice that had pulled me out of my sleep spoke and I sat up in the bed staring down at my legs. There was a large amount of blood soaking through the dark blue fabric of my jeans. “Okay I know this is all very confusing, but I just need you to tell me if you know what a Nephilim is.” A tall boy with wide broad shoulders stood at the foot of the bed now. I looked up to his face and was met by extremely blue eyes. His blonde hair stood tall, and as my eyes searched his body I noticed black symbols spiraling across the flawless skin, different than the ink the tan boy had. They looked like tattoos almost, but not.

“What’s a Nephilim?” I questioned with furrowed brows.

“I told you, she has no idea.” Michael spoke up as he stepped into view, taking a seat next to the tan boy. 

“But that doesn’t make sense.” The blonde boy ran a hand through his hair stressed. 

“Luke she could see us. And she saw the demons.” Ashton stated and as I looked up to him I noticed something I hadn’t before; his ears were pointed and his features were stunning and sharp. He looked unreal.

“And she ran faster than any mundane I’ve ever seen.” Michael commented.

“Wait.” I spoke up and all their eyes fell on me, shocked, almost as if they hadn’t known I could talk. “What the hell is going on?” I demanded staring back at the boy Ashton had referred to as Luke.

“Hey, calm down.” Michael stood up and walked towards me, and now that he wasn’t wearing a jacket I could see the same ink decorating his body.

“Calm down? How the hell am I supposed to calm down?” I sat up further in my bed. “I just found out that demons are real, and now I’m here in some god knows where building with all of you and everyone has this black ink covering their skin and I don’t know any of you. Either someone needs to do some serious explaining or I’m leaving.” I brought my feet up over the bed to stand and let out a whine of pain.

“She needs a healing rune.” Ashton spoke up, a hint of worry in his eyes.

“Yeah and then she’ll die you jack ass.” The tan boy watched me as he helped me get back onto the bed. “You know mundanes can’t live through that.”

“Calum!” Luke shouted. “You’re going to scare her to death.”

“Luke, Ash is right. If you don’t fix this soon she’ll need to go to a mundane hospital. Plus I think she’s already been scared shitless. She’s not going to die though. You know she won’t. If shes not half nephilim, she’s full. If you don’t do it I will.” Michael stepped forward, pulling something out of his pocket.

“Michael.” Luke said sternly.

“Luke.” Michael breathed. “I’m not going to fight you on this. Either you do it or I will.” Luke looked from Michael to me, than back to Michael, thoughts present in his expression.

“Give me your stele.” Luke demanded and Michael nodded, handing whatever he had pulled out of his pocket to Luke. I watched as Luke stepped forward, his eyes scanning over my ripped, bloody jeans before sitting himself on the bed next to me. He held out his hand waiting and I held out my arm nervously.

“What exactly is a healing rune?” I questioned as I flicked my eyes up to Michael. 

“It’ll make the pain go away.” He breathed as he watched Luke. I felt the tip of the cool metal press into my inner wrist and turned back to Luke. 

“This is going to hurt like a bitch.” Luke gave me a weak smile and I nodded, gripping the she sheet next to me with my other hand.  “After you’re healed we’ll get you cleaned up and explain everything.” 

“O-okay.” My voice shook as I watched him. With a simple push a burning pain shot through my arm and I gasped, looking away.

“Sorry.” He said. “I’ll try to be quick.” 

“What’s your name?” Ashton questioned as he looked towards me. “We never asked for it.” 

“Y/N.” I winced as I looked towards Ashton.

“Here.” Calum stood beside me and offered his hand. “Squeeze it. It’ll take your mind off of it.”

“I think I’ll be okay.” I trembled, as the continuous burn pulsed against my skin. Just then I let out a yelp of pain and Luke tightened his grip on my wrist. 

“Sorry.” He murmured still concentrating.

“Just take it.” Calum nudged me and I nodded, gripping onto his hand. “You call that a grip?” He teased and I blushed. The burning was getting worse as Luke swirled the pen like object against my skin. Luke focused in on one spot of my wrist and I bit down on my lip, clenching my hands. I had almost forgotten I was holding onto Calum’s hand when I heard him groan in pain. All the boys began to laugh and I released his hand, watching him wince as he rubbed at his hand.

“You call that a grip?” Michael mimicked and Ashton snickered. 

“She’s got a strong hold. And the rune isn’t killing her.” Calum commented. “She’s definitely a Nephilim.” 


We are very sorry to CONFIRM that Calum might be smoking.

But we must handle this situation carefully and treat it just like when Calum’s nudes were leaked.

This is his life, we are not permitted to control it for him. We are pretty sure that the fam will/are a bit upset about this but Calum is a teenager. He will make mistakes.

We all will. So we will handle this calmly. Not until he confirms it himself will we know for definite.

Please for the love of god, do not freak out about this. We don’t control Calum’s every move. So please don’t pester him about it, and let him handle the situation himself.


The ashtonsavedmylife12 Team

Calum (losing your v-card)

Request: yes
Smut: lol yeah
Rated: r it’s smut

(I’m on mobile so I’ll edit this tomorrow sorry)


I sat down on our shared bed and clicked on the Twitter icon. In my head I knew I shouldn’t have done it but, it’s been a while and I was extremely bored; Cal is supposed to be home in an hour. The messages were non-stop fuel of pure hatred from the fans of Calum. They kept saying how fat I was, that I didn’t deserve Cal, and that he could do better.

I’m normally not the girl to cry about this stuff, and I felt completely fine. But the tears rolling down my cheeks said otherwise. Maybe they were right.

I got up and went to the full length mirror and studied my figure. There were stretch marks on my legs, cellulite, and some scars from past basketball games. My thighs came together, making it look like a flat ass. I giggled a bit. But then immediately put on a frown. Why couldn’t I be the ideal girl for Cal?

Now that I started thinking of how I should be a better girlfriend for Cal, I started to cry more. The tears stained my cheeks from disappointment. I picked up my phone to see that Calum had tried to call me six times. That was never good.

I wiped off most of the ruined mascara from my cheeks and tried to clear my throat from all of the sobbing I did. He was calling me again and it took me a second to pick it up, for I was now having a hiccup problem.

"Babe? Are you okay?" Cal asked with a worrying tone in his voice.

"I- I’m fine." I hiccuped in between. I cringed at myself, he would be able to hear me hiccup.

"Ar- are you crying?" Calum stopped in between to hear my uneven, shaky breaths.

That’s when I started sobbing again. I couldn’t help it. And with me acting like I had no emotion to hate, I had bottled it up until this very last second. Now was the time to let it go, and I did.

"Babe, I’m coming home," Calum began, then paused and heard me silently cry before saying above a whisper, "I love you."


Cal came in slowly, as if he would break me. But he wouldn’t. He closed the door behind him and made his way towards me, locking eyes with me, full of love and worry. I probably looked the same way.

"Stand up." Calum said in a sweet voice. I wiped my face off and hiccuped for what hopefully would be the last time.

I stood up and looked Cal in the eyes. They sparkled even though they were, in his words, “shit brown”. I gave a small smile as I looked around his face. The little blonde in his hair, his plump lips, and his cute big nose that still looked attractive. He looked so pretty. All of him was.

I don’t know if he was doing the same but as I averted my eyes to his, he was looking at my lips. He was just so beautiful and I couldn’t resist but kiss back. I don’t think he knew I was going to kiss him, he didn’t look at me to know. But it was beautiful.

His hands were roaming my sides, groping me and trailing his hands in a graceful way. It gave me goosebumps and my breathing was getting faster. This boy could do wonders to me. Every kiss was full of passion and lip tugging. It was getting really hot so I messed with the bottoms of Cal’s shirt, slowly lifting it up.

It caught on his chin and we both giggled. He blushed once it was off but I still laughed. Even with doing something so silly, he made me love him even more. His plump lips made their way to my jaw, leaving a trail of his essence, down my neck. He made me feel so good and I made a little moan, along with some shaky breaths.

My hands roamed his chest, slowly making their way back up to his face, making him stop kissing me but look me in the eyes instead. He looked so beautiful.

"I love you, so much, Calum." My breathing picked up a little more if that was possible, at the sight of him smiling back at me.

"I’m pretty sure I love you more, darling." God, oh my god. He only needed to say a few things and I was drawn to him like food.

I kissed him harder than before, not taking a moment to breathe. He bundled my t-shirt at the bottom and brings it up and over my head, making my hair a mess. It didn’t look too flattering, but he claimed that it was cute.

We kept backing up until we hit the edge of the bed, all the while we were making out. He picked my legs up and swiftly laid me down on the bed, him following suit. His hands never left my body, making me shiver in his touch.

I signaled that I wanted his pants off, and he nodded. He got up and took them off, standing in front of me. I gulped at the next thought in my head, but from how damp my panties were, and how fast my heart was beating, I wanted him to de-flower me.

"Cal." I spoke between ragged breaths. He was just inches above me, making marks on my collarbones. I moaned a little.

"y/n." He responded with a groan, as I pulled on his hair. That made me want him even more, as I tried to create friction near my core.

"I want you to de-flower me." Cal slowed down his movements and looked up to me in my eyes, with a questioning look.

"Are you sure, babe?" I nodded my head in eagerness. He made me feel like an angel, and I couldn’t but feel like I made him feel that he was in fact, God himself.

"I’m positive." He nodded again and slowly went down my stomach, kissing every inch. My freckles, stretch marks, and jiggly parts. He kissed it all and it made me feel like I was on cloud nine. Cal looked up to me to make sure I was okay with it, and of course it was, so I let him pull down my sweats and underwear.

"I’m gonna make you feel good, babe." Calum said before he licked up my slit, making me shudder and squirm. He placed his hand on my hip to hold me down, as I wanted so much more, and he was only getting started.

"So good." He trailed off. Cal sucked on my clit and slowly fingered my heat. It felt so good and I couldn’t help but to lose control. My moans echoed through our room. I couldn’t take it and grabbed Cal’s hair, making him groan in me, which made me closer and closer to my release. It kept building up and I wanted to let go but before I could say anything, he stopped and hovered over me again.

"Why’d you stop?" I panted with a glint of sadness. He just smirked and kissed my forehead.

"So I could get you ready." My body was getting excited with anticipation of having him. And for me to finally love him the way I wanted, I couldn’t wait.

"I love you, Cal." I glanced up to him putting on a condom. This was it. And I didn’t want to stop.

"I love you, y/n," He was over me again and kissed me with love in his eyes, his pink cheeks, and ruffed up hair, "Are you sure about this?" Calum questioned again.

"Cal, I’ve never wanted to do this more. I love you so damned much and I just want to feel our love. You make me so happy. I’m positive I want to lose my v-card to you." He smiled a cheeky smile and kissed me all over my face, making me giggle.

"Alright, are you ready?" He looked so flushed and cute, god, I wanted him.

"Fuck, yes." He smiled and began to slowly push himself in. It only hurt a tiny bit, not much. Cal’s face contorted into a beautiful structure, making me get goosebumps up and down my arms. He was now all the way in, waiting for me to say something as I held onto his tattooed, muscular, arms.

"You can move now." He nodded his head with a grunt as he pulled all the way out, and proceeded to go in. His mouth fell agape and he looked so pretty, I couldn’t help but moan too. The pleasure kept building up like a firework, ready to just let go. I felt like a tiny flower bud, finally ready to bloom into a full grown flower, everyone amazed by its beauty.

Calum brought down his hand to my clit, moving in small circles, enough to make me wither underneath him, gasps and inaudible curse words falling from my lips. His thrusts were tending to go slower, and groans getting louder. He sunk down into my neck, licking, biting, kissing, moaning. I was in a state of pure bliss.

"Oh god, I’m so c-close- shit." Cal muttered in my ear, sending more shivers. This brought me to the edge. My walls tightened around his length, while my juices flowed from beneath me, hitting the covers. Calum tried to ride out our highs as much as he could while he was going through his orgasm.

"Fuck- I love you- so much, (y/n)." Our heartbeats could be heard from a mile away, and our hot breaths filled the air. He pulled out, making me feel empty, wanting him again. I was so exhausted, and Cal seemed like it too.

We laid together on the bed, trying to catch our breaths, hands intertwined. God, he was so beautiful. And he made me feel so too. Calum pulled the tiny blanket over us, as we were still hot from our previous actions. He pulled me into him, looking him straight in the eyes.

"I love you so fucking much (y/n)." His eyes gave love.

"And I love you. You fucking dork." We both smiled and giggled. He kissed my forehead and laid me gently on his chest, getting comfortable. As I was close to falling asleep, I heard a small whisper.

"I’m your star, and you are my galaxy, babe."

I really wanna know you // Luke Imagine (feat. protective 5sos!)

Requested! Please send me in more requests for blurbs/imagines because i’m running out of them!

You never quite realized just how crazy everyone would go once they found out that the lead singer of their favorite band had a girlfriend.

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