Our party was out to sea, investigating mysterious goings-on. We happened upon a small island completely covered by a large, slightly dilapidated building. As we investigate the building, we quickly discover two unfortunate facts. First, the ceiling is covered with plant life that will attack and ensnare in the absence of fire.

Second, the building is the home of a strange, seemingly indestructible “undead” creature. This creature, though slow, is relentless in pursuing the party. Every time it gets close enough to attack, it takes a powerful swing with its fist, proclaiming “I wonder what this does!” Unable to even scratch the monster, we flee.

Buried in the depths of the building, our rogue finds a large, round room with a very conspicuous lever in the middle. The rogue surveys the room, then approaches the lever. She reaches out, and as she pulls it, the DM asks her, “as you pull it, what’s the first thought on your mind?”

The rogue: “I wonder what… oh, f*** me.”

A disgusting black liquid covered our rogue, and soon we were being chased by a beast that proclaimed before every attack “oh, f*** me.”