We're here and we're Queer!

Hello everyone.  This is Aeras and I just want to say that WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  This blog is here to lead queer people to the resources they need and to try and help anyone who needs advice.  You should also expect to see some political posts but they will be clearly marked as #political and sometimes #activism so block those tags if you only wanna see resources and advice.  We will be tagging all resources as #resources and advice as #advice as is most logical as well as tagging for type of resources or advice such as #transgender, #gay, #lesbian, #bullying, #coming out, etc.  I think you get the picture.  ^.^  

Now on to my amazing co-blogger!  *drumroll*

Wattup I’m Luna! Aeras has explained most of what all goes on. I’m just here to put in my words. I’ll be blogging from GMT and Aeras is MURICAN so this blog will be online as much as possible! I’ll try to tag as much as possible. My chat tag is #lunachats! I don’t have much to say as of now but woop, here we are, we’re open and hella gay.  

And by ‘Murican she means in the Eastern Time Zone.  I live in New York State.  Not the city.  Please don’t ask me if I’m from the city.  I really don’t want to have to *facedesk*  ^.^;;  

O and before I forget, my chat tage is #aerasbitchings because if I’m talking about something personal on here it’s probably bitching about something.  Most likely something political or happening in current events.

Anywho, I believe that’s all for now.  And on we go!

sigrid-loves-living asked:

i have another question, which i don't have an answer for, but would like to discuss. you've made clear that you object to the use of queer as an umbrella term. i agree with your objection. do you think it makes sense to describe people who are not cisgender and/or not heterosexual as a single community? if so, what term would you use for it? LGBT can be exclusive, LGBTQQPIA is cumbersome and controversial, and alternatives like MGSRI are obscure and over-inclusive (i can explain any if needed).

I prefer and have in fact already used GSM (Gender/Sexual Minority) in our conversation.

The Queer is Here

Scream out those words,

forced out of your mouth through hate

Call me a dyke or a queer

These words have been carved on my heart through fate

Put me in a box

Do it if you dare

I love who I love

I am who I am

It cant be shamed away through prayer

Who I was born,

is not who I am today

I have changed, evolved

I have forged my own way

So keep your laws off of my body

Keep your laws off of my love

Be the change in the world,

of which you speak of

I dont want to be tolerated for who I am

I want to be celebrated for me

I happen to be a flag of colors

Does that mean there’s less of me to see?

Whether I love a man or a woman,

That’s no business of yours

I dont understand the discrimination

of which i’m forced to endure

I spent my life hating myself,

not wanting to accept what I saw

Years of my life wasted,

focusing on what was seen as a flaw

I’ve embraced this person in the mirror

I have accepted myself as Kate

I refuse to be pushed around

My sexuality is not up for debate

I am a person,

and I deserve a chance

Judge me on my character,

not by what’s in my partner’s pants

I may not meet your standards of a woman

I may not be exactly what you thought

I have done what I had to do to get here

I have screamed. I have fought….

Fought to live a genuine life,

to be the me I know that I am

If that means you must look away when you see me..

Guess what..I dont give a damn

So listen up

Believe me, I’m sincere

You better know that I’m coming

The queer is here

By KateLyn Wheeler

American Kensho

This is a Kickstarter for a film series I’m working on with a group of wildly talented other individuals called American Kensho, and its primary exploration is one of the potential connections between queerness and mysticism. All the films will star queer protagonists and feature some notion of mystical realities.

As I discuss further at the end of the trailer, my thoughts on the subject are as follows:

Queerness as both a symbol and a practice confronts the heteronormative subject with its own rigid incompleteness and blind fragmentation, its own ignorance of Totality. In this way, queerness is innately mystical.

I would be immensely grateful for any exposure you could offer on your blog.