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See these women? Their names are Irina Shumilova and Alyona Fursova, and last week, they got married in Russia, where being LGBT in public is a criminal offense.

But despite the country’s ban on same-sex marriage, they were able to legally marry because Shumilova is a trans woman whose passport identifies her as male. And even though she identifies as a woman, is on hormone therapy, and lives her life as a woman in every sense, the government still views her as male. 

Therefore, despite their best efforts to shut down LGBT equality in every form, Russia had no choice but to register the pair as a married different-sex couple, white dresses and all.  

Russian legislator Vitaly Milonov has already called their marriage an “insult to Russian families,” called the two “mad people,” and vowed to have their marriage annulled. But the brides were met with acceptance at the registry office in St. Petersburg, where they were surrounded by loving friends and family. The people who matter most have already spoken.

Best possible way to take the government’s homophobia and transphobia and throw it right back in their face. More power — and a lifetime of happiness — to these incredibly brave women. (via BuzzFeed


If you’re against gay marriage, watch Billy & Pat's wedding.

You’ll change your mind.

Fish Huang and You Ya-ting became the first same-sex couple to marry in a Buddhist ceremony in Taiwan this weekend, hoping it will prompt government officials to recognize marriage equality. Their wedding is historic and symbolic, though unfortunately not legally binding. 

"We are witnessing history. The two women are willing to stand out and fight for their fate… to overcome social discrimination," Buddhist minister Shih Chao-hui said, according to AFP, with nearly 300 Buddhist attendees chanting sutras to bless the couple. The brides’ parents did not attend because of concerns about the media attention.

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