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No Shade is a fun LGBT theme dramedy web series based in NYC which follows the life of Noel Baptiste (David Brandyn), a gay artist from Brooklyn, NY who finally comes to grips with his sexuality and is now comfortable in his own skin. During his self discovery his 3 crazy friends, Bar manager Eric D. Stone (Terry Torro), Dance teacher Kori Jacobs (Donnie DuRight) and transgender-female make-up artist Danielle Williams (Tamara M. Williams) accompany him on his journey for love, success and evolution.

Black women must avoid Hoteps at all costs and my tips on how to spot them!

Hoteps hate Black women. Yes, for all their Black unity talk, one thing I have learned is as much as many “conscious” types claim to despise White supremacy; they really want to mimic their patriarchy in the name of faux Black unity.

Let me explain. Ever notice how they body shame Black women. They try to tell Black women how to act, look and they even tell us how to style our hair, which in my opinion is strange unless you are in the fashion and beauty industry. They do this because they want to control Black women and limit our social, political and economic options.  You see they spout that nonsense because they want easy ass without the responsibility. They want a harem of women. Then they blame Black women for being single mothers.

Then there is the homophobia. The vilest homophobia I have ever seen comes from this crowd. Being gay in Africa was accepted long before the White Christians and Muslims came. Read more about it here. The most ironic thing from the aknt wearing hotep crowd is that they use invader slave religions, the ones used to enslave their own flesh and blood, brought by the Whites they hate to justify both. Honestly we have to ask them, how can one be proBlack but reject our West African ancestry? How can one be proBlack and want to subjugate more than half of the Black population, Black women? How can one be proBlack but hate another Black person because they love  someone of the same sex? The honest truth is that they want Black women and Black LGBTQs to trade a White supremacist oppressor for a Black Nationalist one; either way Black women and Black LGBTQs lose. If they were really proBlack they’d want equality for all but deep down they really don’t. They want to become what they despise most. They want to become the oppressors because they aren’t proBlack at all. Here are my tips for identifying hoteps:

  • Hoteps are always talking about kings and queens but rule over their mama’s apartment in the projects.
  • They use words like metaphysical even though they have no clue what it means.
  • They talk about things being 360 degrees because it sounds better than just saying circle.
  • They see conspiracies because that explains why they are not successful and if you disagree with them you are an agent.
  • They talk about a revolution that they hope never comes because it means actually working.
  • They talk about how evil the White man is while taking the slave masters religion and replacing White Jesus with a Black face.
  • They want Black power but only for Black hetero men.
  • They hate anything gay and blame single mothers for gay children forgetting they helped make them.
  • They call their legions of fatherless litters’ nation building while blaming all of his four baby mamas for him not going to see his kids.
  • The mothers of their children try to recruit you in it too.
  • They spell America AmeriKKKA or Africa AFRIKA!
  • They know all about Egypt but know nothing about West Africa, which is where their ancestors are from.
  • Their social media names contains Rah, Bey, Imhotep, or EL even though their legal last name is Johnson.
  • They believe White men are the devils but his daughters are marriage material and good for breeding.
  • They hate Scandal but love Power.
  • They believe feminism is a tool to emasculate Black men because equal pay for Black women, family planning and a life without domestic violence are bad things.
  • They tell you marriage to one woman is an Eurocentric institution and are pro polygamy but are against polyandry.
  • They tell you a Black man should lead and Black women should follow.
  • They want a Black woman to submit but go to work to support him too.
  • They tell you a Black woman should uplift her man while sacrificing her needs for the community aka him.
  • They tell you Black men have it harder than Black women while failing to see that Black women are victimized by both nonBlacks and Black men.
  • They share all kinds of cartoons, movies and memes depicting Black men as weak, light skin Black women with natural hair lifting up Black men or dark skin Black women as hood rats with children who are tools of the White man.
  • They call Black men who love, protect and uplift Black women simps.
  • They insist that no one outside of the Black community wants Black women.
  • They always point to Black women’s unmarried rate but fail to discuss Black men having the highest unmarried rate.
  • They are OK when Black men marry nonblack women while Black women who marry out are bed wenches.
  • They tell you they love ALL Black women but she has to be the right looking kind. She must be Black but not too Black. Only light skin and long curly hair need apply. The memes they share show it.
  • They say the love all Black women but hate Black bitches. Who are Black bitches? Anyone who rejects them.

So you see a Black woman can never win. The best thing you can do is simply avoid them, make smart choices and live your life for you.  Feel free to add.

With reports from hundreds of sub-Saharan African locales of male-male sexual relations and from about fifty of female-female sexual relations, it is clear that same-sex sexual relations existed in traditional African societies, though varying in forms and in the degree of public acceptance