For the first time EVER, a rainbow flag was waived high at a protest
in Armenia today. Activists were protesting Putin’s official state visit and
the Armenian governments decision to join the Russian led Customs
Union. After the march, Lala (the activist holding the flag) was followed by police and arrested with 2 other activists. They were released after being detained for a few hours.

According to the Director of PINK Armenia, the same flag participated in Genocide memorial day protests in front of the Turkish Embassy in Paris showing that there are also LGBT Armenians living in France and they have the same demands.

More info can be found via CivilNet.TV and Euronews

Kaos GL has also shared the photo on their Facebook page! 

Gay Turkeys

One day, my friend was being all homophobic and talking about how he hates gays.. I was fed up with it and so I told him that homosexuality exists in many species, but homophobia in just one. He brushed it off and kept going. By then, I was REALLY pissed off, so I told him that I bet he’d eaten a gay turkey, once. 
He looked kind of iffy, so then I whispered in his ear, 

"There’s a gay turkey inside of you."

And just walked away. The look on his face? Priceless.