“So, what are you doing in Evansdale?” He looked interested as the two sat down at a table with their coffee and began to catch up.

“I’m with the orchestra at the Amphitheater actually. What’re you doing here? It’s crazy we haven’t run into each other until now; I’ve been here almost a year.”

“My wife keeps me on a pretty leash…” His tone was joking, but Indie couldn’t tell if she’d just imagined the slightly bitter tone behind it.

“I guess that’s one of the perks of being single. How’s your wife? I remember you talking about her in college,” She chuckled, shrugging off the weird feeling that had come with his last comment.

“She’s alright, I guess. Our daughter Dani just turned one; she’s adorable. She’s starting to learn how to speak but she keeps mispronouncing words.” Indie smiled at that, noticing the fondness with which Keegan spoke about his daughter. 

“That’s awesome; I love kids. I’m definitely not ready for kids of my own though. Anyway, what area of the city are you in? I’m in the townhouses on Baltic Avenue.”

“I’m across the bridge on Osage Drive. Actually, I don’t want to cut our time short but I should be heading home soon. My wife wants to go for a facial so I need to watch Dani.”

“That’s okay, I totally get it. Do you wanna swap numbers so we can hang out sometime? I can hook you up with some pretty good orchestra tickets.”

“Sounds good, I’ll text you later. It was really nice seeing you again Indie.”

“You too Keegan.”