Shinhwa won 1st place on MCountdown this week! That's a Triple Crown for MCountdown!


Although there was no MCountdown broadcast this week, Shinhwa still took 1st place. ‘This Love’ has now gotten 1st place on MCountdown for 3 weeks in a row; that’s a Triple Crown!  

With 8 wins, ‘This Love’ now holds the record of most wins for a Shinhwa title track! (The former record was Yo! with 7 wins). Congratulations on this win and new record on your 5,555th day since your debut ♥. Shinhwa-san! 

And thank you to everyone who has been working hard to support them. #WeLiveForThisLove! 


==>Your grandmother sends you on the strangest trips you could possibly think of. No, not to some beautiful mountain range for hunting, or a nice desert to explore. No. What were you doing in such a strange place to begin with?
==>You look at the paper in your hand with the address to your hotel and several other locations circled with red to indicate must-go-to places. You think this is another of your G’mas strange and very unfunny pranks mixed with life lessons.


==>You look around the park the cab had left you at, glancing again and again at the paper in your hand. There are people around you, happily talking and enjoying their day, oh it was a lovely day! You just had no clue what you were to enjoy about it.
==>You take a few steps before your attention is drawn to a growing crowd surrounding a single figure. You join them, realizing it was simply a street performer. There were plenty of those in La Jolla. This one however was different, he wasn’t smiling or trying to interact with the crowd. He was simply doing this routine, content in his own world. You smile, taking a seat to watch him with your head propped up by your arms resting on your legs.


==>You can only wonder what magical thoughts floated through such a lovely head.

A way someone is dressed is a very influential thing on others.

For instance, if I were to see a guy in baggy jeans, and an old beat up hoodie that’s all stained or something, I’d probably not be attracted to him. Where as if I were to see a guy wearing properly fitted jeans, cardigan/and/or something ~*~fashion forward~*~ I’d immediately be attracted to him. (Attracted in these examples of course, as in I feel they are more appealing, less approachable, etc.)

Casually posts picture of an ‘attractive’ outfit/outward appearance for no apparent reason.

^Wow perfect people and clothes wah

casually wants their clothes



wow whats even going on its 1am and what the hell

ranting about superficial things that don’t even matter


maybe i should keep my opinions to ~*~myself~*~


opps these guys all dress like my brother, brother-complex?? so ANIME

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130615 MBC Music Core - Shinhwa, This Love