shinsegae department store fansign - 15029

jonghyun came out a little early and he was wearing his bright buttercup yellow suit and (a) bow. he was very sweet and sincere and smiley. he started off saying “annyeonghaseyo” and everyone sort of squealed happily so he said “annyeong” super, super sweetly. eye smile~! jonghyun said he came back from china safely and he did “m!countdown” before coming. then he said: “should we start?” in his blue night voice.

jonghyun was very sweet to everyone. he was smiling and, if someone was talking, he would look up from signing / straight at them nodding. jonghyun would twine fingers or do high five with everyone. some girls held his hand for a long time and some could barely touch him.

jonghyun was wearing shinee colored contacts. it was so intense, otl. he looked lovely. someone gave him a daisy crown that matched his suit.

moonlight (s/n: a fansite of his) gave jonghyun the ace / base cushion doll and it looked like jonghyun kissed the plushie jonghyun’s face. so cute.

jonghyun got two flower crowns today and only wore them for a few minutes. he also got (a) flower necklace and a flower for behind his ear. had a lot of flowers on.

someone gave jonghyun a lollipop; was praying he finished it before my turn because i didn’t think i could handle it. jonghyun was sucking on that stupid lollipop and rolling it around and smiling around the stick and i had heart pain. (source: lilfreakmin0928)


Finally got around to taking these. Liner has been done. Need to enhance the lashes/brows a little, and wrap up the blushing. In little ghostie’s case, she also has little teeth that will need paint, but that always comes last with me. Or at least once I’m done with lips. This is usually the home stretch. Normally it doesn’t take me long to wrap up from here. And this is also where I curse that my tiny liner brushes (aka my lash brushes i guess) are all busted up and I’m having to make do with the brush I usually use to do the thicker line on the eyelid. I won’t be able to get brushes until payday, and then they take time to ship, so I’m making do for now. I will persevere.

this has been such a productive week! I made an alter and offerings to our house spirit, finally cleaned up the mess of candy dust/hair/stickers/empty adderall capsules literally dried onto the floor around my bed, hardcore exfoliated and moisturized, got my eyes noticeably less puffy by putting green teabags on them, and made kimchi (/any food that requires preparation beyond microwaving for the first time in ages). I’m happy…?