As queer ladies navigating the complex world of identity and dating, we were starting feel overwhelmed by all the terminology.

Who counts as a Baby Gay? What’s the difference between a Soft Butch and a Hard Femme? Do we actually know any lumberjills?

Learning the different and completely arbitrary criteria for all these labels started to feel a little like we were back in biology class. So we decided to put together this very scientific* guide to the many different varieties of lesbian that you may encounter. (Although we’re still confused about which ones we are, tbh.)

*Not At All Scientific

The definitive guide to spotting lesbians in the wild.

- “But with Emma, because they share Henry, that relationship has to be figured out. It’s almost like divorced parents, right?”

- “She [Regina] doesn’t hate Emma. She’s just really upset with her.”

- “She [Regina] plays really hard to get throughout the episode.”

- “You are the only one I can relate to. And I need you.”