RSPCA Leybourne has been flooded, our cattery is underwater, we’ve got guinea pigs, rabbits and hamster in our reception and If the weather continues I looks like it wont be long before the kennels flood too.

Some of the animals we have have been in RSPCA care for a long time and have to spend Christmas without a family. Now all their toys and bedding has also been ruined they aren’t going to have much to celebrate at all. We’ve asked if there is anything you can donate toys, bedding or food to keep the animals happy while the clean up starts it would be fantastic. The drive way and car-park are completely flooded so we know it’ll be difficult to get stuff to us we have set up an amazon wish lish which contains a various amount of items. There is one for each section, Dog’s, Cat’s and small animals. They will arrive after Christmas but they will help calm the animals while they are all being moved around. You can also bring old blankets and towels in but I would wait a bit before you do I don’t think anyone is getting past the lake on our drive!

Thank you for reading and here are the following links:

RSPCA URGNT APPEAL: https://www.facebook.com/RSPCA/posts/10152482996498047 (also hs links to amazon wish list)

PHOTO’S OF THE FLOODING: http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/update/2013-12-24/animals-rescued-from-flooded-rspca-centre/ 


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Finders International, pioneers Dead Sea minerals therapies and RSPCA Leybourne experts behind Crushproof. Range of minerals and conditioners for dogs shampoos , visited the Centre for animals RASPS Lubberly this week to spread some Christmas cheer Crushproof. In keeping with the festive spirit , Crushproof took a Christmas gift bathetic every dog ​​in Lubberly Animal Centre to find their forever home during the month of December. Crushproof also donated shampoos and conditioners Lubberly Animal Centre RSPCA Leybourne, so that even puppies can not buy a house this Christmas still benefit from organic certification and 98 percent natural range of puppy care.

This funny but effective range of shampoos and conditioners furry friend is full of love and without parables, sulfates and petrochemicals . Humane Crushproof (shampoo £ 8.99 , £ 9.99 mill conditioner , 250 ml ) contains no animal ingredients and seasoned products are RSPCA Leybourne tested on humans before going anywhere near a dog . With reduced to help the environment and allergen Crushproof packaging perfume is ideal for all skin types and skin, available in 3 flavors , rhubarb and cream ( Arranging Mad ), brown sugar (sugar) , or pink grapefruit ( Zest in Show ).

RSPCA Leybourne Kelly Long, Brand Manager at international applicants stated: There are so many wonderful animals RASPS Lubberly Animal Centre in search of their forever homes , so it ‘s great to be able to handle some Crushproof products this Christmas , plus it will help us make more fun for them to bath time ! Vary dilapidated Chops is ideal for all types of dog skin , including extremely sensitive skin , so it is perfect for pampered puppies they need RSPCA Leybourne attention.


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Turf War Tuesday (on a Monday because I’d just forget and this is too funny to wait for) - A video from the archives. Real Football Factories - Kent Style, charts the rise of the infamous Leybourne Boiz. As it so clearly states, they are ‘naughty’, and thus the likelihood of me getting stabbed for mockery is slightly high. Therefore I’d like to stress I am in no way mocking the individuals in the video and would like to support their completely credible football firm. They are incredibly influential in the world of hooliganism and that alone, and nothing else, is the reason I posted this. To raise awareness of the scary men.

*furthermore can we all just take a few seconds to appreciate the sheer brilliance of, “shut the fucking up”. Inspirational, and to think they were improvising most of it.

(Image via the New York Times. The photo shows “Part of Douglas M. Leybourne Jr.’s vintage jar collection. In the 19th century, he says, such jars ‘meant survival.’ ”)

"Authenticity, Repurposed, in a Mason Jar"

The New York Times has an article about the returning popularity of home canning, and the parallel interest in vintage and antique canning jars.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Though the Mason jar has become a symbol of hipness, it started as a necessity. In 1858, John Landis Mason found a way to preserve fruits, vegetables and other perishables when he devised a lid that screwed to the threaded-glass lip of a jar over a rubber ring that sealed previously boiled contents.”

"The jars retained their popularity throughout the early 20th century, with sales spiking during the Great Depression and World War II, when the federal government urged people to cultivate victory gardens so more food could be allocated for the troops.”

"In the 1950s and ’60s, however, the jars’ market began to fade. ‘That’s when canning took a turn south,’ says Chris Scherzinger, president and chief executive of Jarden Home Brands, based in Daleville, Ind., which currently makes Ball- and Kerr-brand Mason jars. The culprit was refrigeration and the new value placed on mass-produced food. The rise of grocery products like Tang, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and TV dinners threatened to extinguish the canning tradition and take down the Mason jar industry as well.”

"The turning point in the recent history of the Mason jar was the start of the recession in 2008. ‘People stay home,’ Mr. Scherzinger says of that time. ‘They don’t go out as much. They kind of go back to what the core of their roots are.’ At the same time, an aversion to processed food was intensifying. More people became focused on self-sufficiency."

The Natural Canning Resource Book: A guide to home canning with locally-grown, sustainably-produced and fair-trade foods, (c) 2010.


Man from Rochdale who used internet to arrange child abuse jailed

A man who arranged the commission of a child sex offence has been imprisoned for four years.

On 14 May 2014 Nicholas Edmund Allen, from Rochdale, was arrested in Leybourne, by detectives from the Kent #Police child exploitation investigation team.

Allen, 54, had travelled to the Leybourne area in Kent in the belief that he would have the opportunity to abuse an eight year-old girl, having made the arrangement over the internet. However, he had unwittingly made the arrangement with a law enforcement officer and was arrested. Allen claimed that the meeting was part of him trying to gain enough evidence to be able to report his concerns around child abuse to the #Police, but was charged and remanded before the courts.

Following a hearing at Maidstone Crown Court on 11 August, Allen was sentenced to four years in prison, having pleaded guilty to arranging the commission of a child sex offence.

Detective Constable Jon Baker said: ‘Nicholas Allen worked for many years as a social worker and should know the massive impact that sexual abuse has on children. Despite this he chose to arrange appalling abuse of a child, and travelled to meet in order to put this plan into action. Allen tried to claim that his actions were solely to report others and protect a child. Our investigation shows this was merely a ruse in order to try and escape the consequences of his actions. I am delighted that we have been able to put a stop to his behaviour and ensure that no child will come to harm from him any time soon.’

 Click Here to read the story… http://www.emergencyshorts.co.uk/24153/