The Lexus RC F GT3

Compliant with the strict parameters of GT3 (a grand touring motorsport category governed by FIA regulations), the RC F GT3 has been jointly developed over 3 years by Lexus International & its subsidiary, Techno Craft. 

The GT3 is wider and lower than a standard RC F, yet, with body part changes from steel to carbon fiber and the interior stripped to racing specification, weighs just 1,250 kg. A modified version of the RC F’s 5.0 litre V8 develops some 540hp. Purpose-built bodywork featuring Lexus’ latest carbon fibre technology includes a large, high-mounted rear spoiler and Venturi-effect underbody treatment to both minimize drag and maximize downforce.

Having already received some 30 approaches from racing teams in Europe, Japan, Asia and the USA, Lexus will begin supplying cars to teams for entry in the 2015 racing season.