Their bodies grinded together, causing a friction that drove him wild. Colton didn’t know what decided it but soon clothes weren’t an option. As his hands traced down her golden skin, he pressed her against the wall harshly, lips locked with hers the entire time. Sliding her up the wall and wrapping her legs around his waist, adrenaline buzzed through his vein. His lips tore from hers, almost unwillingly, but grazed along her neck and shoulder, leaving his mark on her soft skin. His broad torso now had her petite frame pinned to the wall. And as his nose trailed up her throat, inhaling her scent of sweat and perfume, a thought occurred to Colton. He was with somebody’s girlfriend. Lexi belonged to another guy yet she was with him. The best part of all? That “him” was somebody Colton hated with his entire body and more — Hunter Cooper.

idk where this came from.