ive been doing a comic a day except at first i was just cranking out daily comics to get into the habit but now im putting more effort into them??? so now its like, pencil three pages one day, spend the next three inking them in. i would get more done but schoolwork. these are like half of all i have rn… the sdr2 ones were the first, the second set are the most recent i may post more as they come and i choose favorites

i had trouble planning them out at first but then i stopped planning at all. ehehheh. drawing comics is fun

i found my FIRST SKETCHBOOK from seventh grade  it’s barely used but the doodles that WERE in there are friggin heinous from my 16-yo perspective

so i’m putting it to new use by filling it with newer drawings starting with a commentary on a really terrible selfie it should be easy to tell the years apart

other pages with better stuff will go up tomorrow?? yes