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WCW world heavyweight champions, in order (only first reign noted)

WCW as WCW only existed from 1991 to 2001, about 10 years and two months. 19 men held the top prize in the company. Two of them were David Arquette and Vince Russo.

Of all 17 actual wrestlers represented here, a grand total of one has never worked a day for Vince McMahon, and that is Sting. Seven of these men (Flair, Hogan, Savage, Giant/Big Show, Nash, Hart, and Sid) also held the WWWF/WWF/WWE championship. Three others (Benoit, Goldberg, and Booker T) held WWE’s “world heavyweight championship.”

Hulk Hogan Stares Down Lex Luger - 1st Episode of WCW Monday Nitro [September 4th, 1995]

In his autobiography Wrestling with the Devil, Lex Luger wrote a bit about what it was like to show up unannounced over at WCW Monday Nitro and how he accidentally pissed off Hulk Hogan during the taping:

“When I arrived at the Mall of America, I had a towel over my head and was immediately escorted to the inner bowels of the mall, well away from the locker room and central concourse area where everything was happening. It wasn’t until that moment that I knew how it was all going to come down. ‘At the very end of the show you’ll come out in your street clothes,’ Eric told me, 'and get nose-to-nose with Hulk Hogan.”

“My entrance was definitely a surprise – to the crowd and to the other wrestlers gathered there.

I walked up to Hogan and said my line: 'I’m back at the WCW to wrestle with the big boys.’

I was still in Hogan’s face when they signaled for a short commercial break. Knowing we were off the air momentarily, I broke character and smiled at Hogan. It was a big mistake.

'Wipe that grin off your face, or I’ll knock it off. You’re stealing money from me and my family right now,’ he said to me through gritted teeth.

I immediately stopped smiling.

After the show I tried to apologize to him, but he brushed me off. I learned a big lesson from him that night: never break character when on camera in front of the fans – even on a commercial break.”