Hey Superiorans, I’m adding another entertainer fanclub office called “Lewinnetkas" inside my international ‘Superiorans Club’. I’m still in the process of finding me a female pro-nutritionist to sign on my training team for my boxing career. Nonetheless, I’ve admired fitness guru Michelle Lewin (www.modelmichelle.com) work ethic for the past 3years+ now and believe she’ll be a great inspiration for my #SuperiorWomen/girls to help motivate you’ll to #CommitToBeFit like her & me but from a woman’s point of view. So I decided to start a fansite to support Michelle Lewin throughout her career, to show her that we care about her, what she do & that we “Lewinnetkas” (aka lewin-superiorans) got her back. Meaning, if your my #Superiorans? Your also part of the #Lewinnetkas fan-army too! If at anytime, Michelle needs our fan-votes for her bodybuilding, model contests? We vote & cheer her on fully. Get ready for kombat! -cs

#Lewinnetkas fanart coming soon.
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