So, rboz posted a very cute and feelsy Lucy x Levy picture, and it got me wondering how Levy would react to finding the Fire Dragon Slayer back in Lucy’s apartment. Protective best friend, anyone?

"Hey Lu-chan! You there? I bought some-"

Levy stopped dead in her tracks when, upon entering Lucy’s apartment through the front door, she did not at all find whom she had expected.

The boy leaning against the armrest of the big couch beamed at her in greeting, lifting a hand, but his expression froze on his face when he caught her eyes.

A feeling like this had usually only taken a hold of him when Erza was in a bad mood - and headed straight for him. Natsu had not been aware that Levy possessed it too. The death glare.


Unsure of how to respond, Natsu fidgeted uncomfortably on his spot, finally deciding on standing upright.

"You’re back."

"Yeah…? Hi, Levy?"

"Don’t you ‘hi’ me, Natsu Dragneel."

Levy squinted her eyes as she made her way across the room, carelessly dumping the bag with the fresh buns on the little living room table. When she came to a halt in front of him, she puffed her cheeks, trying to look as intimadating as possible as she glared upwards.

"Is she here? Does Lucy know that you’re back?"

"She’s, uh, in the bathroom. Taking a shower, ‘cause I might have commen- nevermind. Yeah, she knows." 

"Do you have any idea how much you hurt her?”



"I apologized, too. I know that’s not worth much, but… I will make it up to her! I promise!"


"Hey Happy." Levy smiled at the exceed on the couch absentmindedly. Then her eyes flickered back to Natsu.  "You better should. And plenty. I hope she doesn’t forgive you so easily after what you put her through! It’s long ago now, but after you left, she was an absolute mess for da-"

A nervous harrumph interrupted her words. For a moment, it remained quiet in the little room. Both Levy’s and Natsu’s heads slowly moved in the direction of the sound.

With one towel around her body and one on top of her head, Lucy stood in the doorway, the flush on her cheeks probably not only induced by her shower.

"Hi, Levy." she mumbled sheepishly. "I didn’t expect you so soon! Uh. Natsu is back. You probably…saw."

Still a little wrought up, the small woman put her hands on her hips. “Oh yeah I saw! I hope you kicked him!” After a small pause, she added with a barely contained little grin: “-like we planned.”

Lucy smiled as she looked to the ground, the corners of her mouth pulling upwards even further.


"Hm…" Levy’s features softened considerably as she realized the happiness emanating from her friend. It was radiating off her in waves, even in her embarassment. 

Lucy was happy that Natsu was back. Of course she was.

For now, that was enough for Levy. She herself was happy, too, after all.

"Can I… maybe put on some clothes now?"

Both girls grinned, and then broke into soft laughter that rang off the walls. Their situation was just as ridiculous as had been expected, even if none of their little revenge scenarios had come true in the end - yet. 

They exchanged looks in silent understanding - while Natsu just looked on; a little lost. He and Happy looked at each other in confusion, slightly alarmed. Would there by double punishment?

Already, they were searching for an escape in panic.

But then Lucy scurried back into the bathroom with a handful of clothes, and when Levy’s gaze fixed itself on him again this time, she was smiling. 

With a shake of her head, so forceful it sent her blue locks flying, she let herself relax- for now.

"Welcome back, you two."