A tribute to Erwin’s thighs.

“Who the fuck are you.”

Levi’s walked into Erwin’s room to find a random man sitting on the commander’s bed, towel draped across his lap. The man hesitates to speak – looks about ready to piss himself – when Erwin comes out of his bathroom topless.

“Oh shit, sorry,” Levi immediately splutters, cheeks reddening. He’s mortified because he’s never seen Erwin intimate with anybody, and the thought that he has a lover in his quarters stirs all sorts of emotions within him - emotions that he’s not ready to address. He turns to leave when Erwin’s deep chuckle makes him stop in his tracks.

“Levi, this is my masseur. My muscles have been a little tense lately so I hired Ed for an hour.” He indicates towards the man, Ed, who is looking down at his shoes. He looks positively uncomfortable.

“Oh,” Levi gapes once again, feeling like an even bigger idiot now. Then a thought occurs to him. “Erwin, can I speak to you for a minute.”

Erwin raises a brow but agrees, offering Ed a polite apology. He follows Levi out into the corridor.

“You’re going to let some random guy near you whilst you’re unarmed and vulnerable? Have you forgotten how many enemies you have?” Levi is genuinely concerned, and he’s surprised that Erwin hasn’t considered it already. He’s also trying very hard not to ogle his chest. “How do you know he isn’t an assassin or some shit?”

Erwin seems amused at the idea. The corner of his mouth has dragged up a bit and he’s analysing Levi’s face carefully. What are you thinking about you bastard.

“You’re right, captain. I should be more careful,” he agrees.

Levi feels a wave of relief that he will in no way allow Erwin to see. “Damn eyebrows. Send him away and i’ll get one of the brats to come massage your perverted ass instead.” He hums for a bit before smirking wickedly. “I’ll get Eren to do it.”

Erwin pales a bit at the suggestion, and it takes all Levi’s got not to laugh at the image of Eren violently clobbering the commander’s back whilst he writhes in pain.

“I have a better idea, Levi. You can stand guard whilst Ed works, and that way you’ll be there should he attempt anything.” He’s mesmerised by the bob of Erwin’s throat, at the rippling muscles of his chest that seem to beckon him every time they move.

“Fine,” he sighs. He really doesn’t want Erwin alone with someone he doesn’t know.

They walk back in and Ed stands up, begins preparing his lotions and his towels. Levi stands by the window with his arms crossed and glares at him, communicating all sorts of threats with his eyes.

Then suddenly Erwin is taking off his pants and Levi is about to shit his own because holy Maria Erwin has the nicest fucking thighs he’s ever seen. They’re firm and thick and nicely shaped, perfectly proportioned to his hips and his legs.

His brain is short-circuiting, sending error messages, and his throat has dried up. He suddenly feels a gravitational pull towards them, wants to suck on the tight muscled flesh. He had no idea that Erwin would be taking off his pants and fucking Sina he’s removing his underwear too.

He quickly faces the window whilst Erwin undresses, trying to get his mind and body back under control because whilst he’s long accepted that Erwin is attractive he has never seen him naked beyond his torso.

He risks a look and notices that he’s lying on his front now, Ed having placed a towel on his backside, so he allows himself to turn back around again even though his cheeks are still burning hot. Erwin’s face is buried in a pillow so at least he can’t see.

He watches as Ed pours some warm oil onto Erwin’s broad back and massages the skin, using his thumbs to smooth it out in circles. Erwin is littered with scars but it somehow accentuates the taut muscle he’s packing. The masseur’s hands captivate him with the way he works Erwin’s back, and after a while Levi thinks that maybe this isn’t as awkward as he originally thought it would be.

But then Ed skips Erwin’s ass and moves to his thighs, pulling and kneading at the flesh with oily hands. He can see the muscles glistening and yep his pants are definitely tighter now. He should look away, shouldn’t let his thoughts wander, yet he can’t. He is completely rapt, consumed, enamored by those large delectable thighs. He imagines kissing and nibbling on them, licking his way up to the prize in between and wow where did that come from.

At this point he is sporting a very large boner and he shuffles a bit to reorganize his junk, hopes that Ed doesn’t see. He doubts he would say anything even if he did because the guy is so nervous he could rival Berthold. Erwin turns his face to look at him and suddenly Levi is taking in his whole image: his handsome face resting on his muscled arms, the stretch of his large toned body on the bed, the gleam of his sensuous limbs, the curve of his back and ass. He feels his cock give an interested twitch.

“He’s very good, Levi. Perhaps you should take a turn. I’m sure Ed can stay back a bit.” He is the picture of relaxation.

“Nah, I’m good,” Levi tries to say smoothly, but his voice is rough and he immediately curses himself.

He thinks he sees Erwin’s eyes widen in amusement for a bit but it’s so fast he can’t be sure.

There’s a knock on the door and Levi almost jumps. Mike walks in holding a couple of documents and Levi is about to screech because Mike is going to see Erwin like this.

But the man doesn’t even bat an eyelid, seems completely unfazed. Just murmurs a quick “hey Ed” before turning to Erwin. Levi grabs his arm and twists him around.

“Wait – you know this guy?” he says, pointing towards the flustered masseur.

Mike flicks his bangs out of his face and gives Levi an unimpressed look. “That’s Ed, he’s been Erwin’s masseur for ages.”

Levi frowns, confused. But if that were true why didn’t he just tell Levi that he knew him well? He turns his head to confront him when he notices that Erwin’s eyes are on his crotch, a wide smirk stretched across his face.

I am so fucked.

[[Dedicated to highchous for reigniting my Erwin thigh thirst with their post]]