Year 2, day 247, porridge for dinner, porridge for breakfast, that’s literally all i had, oh and peat smoked salmon. I had a late start today because what would be the point of rushing?! I was interviewed by a new zealand journalist travelling in the hebrides and was, for the first time ever, called a ‘cyclist’. The sun was shining so much and everything was blueeee. What a gorgeous morning to go to Leverburgh, Harris!

After spending my life time in the cafe, I headed along the west coast of North Uist (having thought it would be shorter than going down and up via Lochmaddy, I was wrong) I was fighting side winds for a lot of the miles and then up to Bernaray where I was hoping to get the last ferry up to Leverburgh. I was told soon enough after arriving there that the ferry is cancelled. Here’s a pic of disappointed sheep by the ‘office’.