this is real life, you know. the trees are growing and they give oxygen to the planet, they don’t take it away like, you know; traffic jams. sometimes i just feel like i’m actually on the wrong planet, you know? and i feel great when i’m in my garden, but the moment i go out the gate, i think, ‘what the hell am i doing here?’

rest in peace, george harrison.

missing you everyday 


Dimly lit but unsure
For time can tell us not,
what we as humans can deny.

Human time is a creation
based on succession
to the next idea.

Ideas already resting within each mind.

But I must remind myself that we
can only find the time to not deny
But to agree,
to move on from this life
to the even
dimmer dimly lit but unsure
path to the next spontaneous idea left in time.
—  Macleod Sawyer - Ramblings of a lunatic at 2:30 in the morning