Leverage Rewatch - Pilot (part 5)

“Eliot, you and I are not friends.” - Nate
“Right. Right, ’cause you have so many of them.” - Eliot

Can someone please make me a gif of Hardison rolling his chair across the floor, saying “Ooooh. Ooooh.” about Nate and Sophie? <3

I don’t know what’s more fun. Nate smashing car windows (a little anger management therapy there, buddy?) or Sophie and Parker rappelling down the stairwell together.

“Nice job on the zipline.” - Nate
“Totally thought she was gonna break a leg. Not bad for a first time.” - Parker, with an adorable giggle

And here we see Nate’s genius, as the audience suddenly thinks that Dubenich has figured it all out.

“The Patriot Act applies here. I can take your underpants.” - Special Agent Higgins, FBI

“Don’t you want money?” - Pearson
“This particular project has a different revenue stream.” - Nate

“I am Victor Dubenich. I am gonna beat this.” - Dubenich
“Aren’t you forgetting about the bribe?” - Nate
“Who cares? They can’t prove anything. I didn’t get any money.” - Dubenich
“Bingo.” - FBI guy
“Yeah. No, it doesn’t account for all of it. Sophie kept a little to buy a truly impressive number of shoes.” - Nate

“What is it with women and shoes?” - Parker (who’s in boots)
“There’s something wrong with you.” - Sophie (who’s in heels)
“That’s what I said.” - Eliot

Checks for $32,761,349.05.

“Wh– Um–” - Sophie
“Job well – Whoa.” - Nate
“There’s an overlap in the London stock market. Valuation carried over to NASDAQ, and then… I’m just very good at what I do.” - Hardison
“This is the score. The score.” - Parker, voice shaking adorably
“Age of the geek, baby.” - Hardison
“Somebody kiss this man so I don’t have to.” - Eliot
“So, we’re out, huh? This is retirement money. This is go legit and buy an island money.” - Hardison
“Yeah. Yeah, uh… Pleasure working with you.” - Nate
“Yeah. One show only. No encores.” - Eliot
“I already forgot your names.” - Parker

“You know… I never had that cool a time on a job.” - Hardison
“Then walk away.” - Nate
“And I… I got focus issues, brother. You kept me right on.” - Hardison

“I’m only good at one thing.” - Parker
“Parker…” - Nate
“One thing. And that’s it. But you… You know other things. And I can’t stop doing my one thing. I can’t retire.” - Parker

“You wanna know what I think?” - Eliot
“Not really.” - Nate
“How long before you fall apart again?” - Eliot
“Oh, I’m touched.” - Nate
“A guy like you can’t be out of the game. That’s why you were wrecked. You need the chase.” - Eliot
“Yeah, I’ll manage.” - Nate

*phone rings*
“Yeah?” - Nate
“You pick the jobs.” - Sophie
“My job is… helping people. I find bad guys.” - Nate
“Well, go find some bad guys. Bad guys have money. Black king. White knight.” - Sophie

We work on alternative revenue stream.
We provide… Leverage.


This is the moment I truly fell in love with Sophie Devereaux. Her instinctive reaction to Parker (whom she hardly knew at this point) saying she was sick was to check on her, to offer a caring touch that Parker may not have felt in a very long time. I was surprised. I mean, femme fatales I know. Maternal figures, I know them, too.  But a femme fatale with a motherly side? I sat up and took notice.

That’s how Leverage got me. It took all these tropes, shook them all up, added a pinch of this and that, and somehow gave us complex human beings we’d want to get to know and understand. So we got a femme fatale who mothers everyone, an emotionally intelligent tough guy, a charming and outgoing geek, a mastermind whose own life is out of control, and a childlike innocent who is perhaps the most dangerous member of the crew. And by the time the show’s over, not one of them has remained the exact same person we met in the first season–they’ve all changed and grown, as a family and as individuals, they’ve let their edges melt and overlap into each other while settling more comfortably into themselves. And we saw it happen.

What a joy to have seen it happen.

Leverage Rewatch - Pilot (part 1)

Because the first fifteen minutes are so loaded with awesome, I’m dividing this post. (Tagging these posts “leverage rewatch” so you can blacklist if you don’t want to join me in the rewatchy fun.)

“Parker. You have Parker.” - Nate
“Is there somebody better?” - Victor Dubenich
“No. But Parker is insane.” - Nate

“No. No, no, no, no. No. Hell, no. This equipment is total VH-1, brah. It’s the best of the eighties. I got somethin’ nicer.” - Hardison
“All right. No surprises now.” - Nate
“I been doin’ this since high school, brah. I’m Captain Discipline.” - Hardison

“Does that look like Mick Jagger to you?” - Hotel security dude
“This is not the room you’re looking for.” - Jedi Master Hardison

Eliot Spencer: Retrieval Specialist.
Sure. “Retrieval specialist.” At least in later episodes, they’re honest. But gods, he’s hot in glasses.

“Can I have one?” - Parker
“You can have the whole box.” - Hardison
“What’re you gonna do when she finds out you live with your mom?” - Eliot
“Age of the geek, baby. We run the world.” - Hardison
“You keep telling yourself that.” - Eliot

Parker: Security Circum
Infiltration and Alter

“Be a good girl. Or, I dunno, a better thief.” - Parker’s dad? Stepdad? “Bill”?

“That’s twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag.” - Eliot, about Parker, not for the last time.

omg After she cuts the window, she actually just tosses the circle of glass away. How many people/cars/mailboxes/pigeons do you think she’s destroyed by dropping parts of buildings on top of them?

Hardison/Eliot starts right from the beginning, on the roof with the earpieces, but the flirtation really begins once they’re inside, when Hardison is hacking the keycode. Four guards come around the corner, guns drawn. Hardison puts up his hands. Eliot calmly walks behind them and takes them down. Meets Hardison’s eyes. Says, “That’s what I do.”

And the little smiles they give each other…
Hardison’s says, “Tonight, that’s mine.”
And Eliot’s says, “Bring it, geek.”

“How many plans do we have? Is there, like, a Plan M?” - Hardison
“Yeah. Hardison dies in Plan M.” - Nate
“I like Plan M.” - Eliot

Costuming note: Parker doesn’t wear a bra under her thievery-style catsuit, but she does wear a sportsbra under her “I’m a horribly wounded innocent person, woe is me, get me out of here” disguise.

More reasons Leverage is the fandom for you
  • The show is complete
    • Notice that I said complete, not canceled, which means:
  • Satisfying series finale
    • I said satisfying, not happy, prepare to lose your shit and cry
  • Only one major unanswered question
  • Almost the entire fandom ships a near-canon, bisexual-biracial, ot3
    • seriously it’s almost canon
  • It’s funny, it’s heartbreaking, it’s one of the smartest shows ever made
  • Eliot’s hair could run for president and I’d vote for it
  • Mark Sheppard