being considered ‘gifted’ in school really took a toll on me because it ruined my self-expectations and as i got older made my perception of academic achievement really flawed. i did not have straight As and it made me always feel bad because it was like ‘these people told me im smart so why am i doing bad in school’? i got Ds in all math classes in middle school and was not in honors and failed algebra every single semester in high school so its just like…lmao

Do you know where wild things go?

Hartwin fanmix // 10 tracks // 39 min

Tracks: 1.Red right hand // Arctic Monkeys  2.Menswear // The 1975  3.Breezeblocks // Alt-J  4.Let it Go // The Neighbourhood  5.Daniel in the Den // Bastille  6.Charlie Boy // The Lumineers  7.Glory and Gore // Lorde  8.Work Song // Hozier  9.Little Lion Man // Mumford & Sons  10.Whole Lotta Love // Led Zeppelin

Listen on 8tracks // Listen on Spotify (better quality)

Taking control of my life was the best thing I’ve ever done wow I used to live for other people and I was never happy. It wasn’t until I started being a little more selfish that I started finding happiness. Big things are coming you guys! I feel it! And it’s the most exciting time in my gosh darn life. Thank you for allowing my life to have this much opportunity. I hope you guys embrace who you are and live for yourselves! You’re worth being happy, don’t forget that. :)


Alright, Zimbio Voting starts now. Are you gonna tell me that Bethyl has to go through getting their prison blown up, missing their family, then she gets kidnapped and he runs all night for her. just to get to her at grady and she’s shot. Death/ getting shot in the head doesn’t stop love. So, move your booties and click here to go vote! Do it for Beth, do it for a mourning daryl, do it so gimple knooooows. 

- love your beth greene cheerleader

t’is done. called my other boss. I quit. I didn’t cry. just stammered a lot. can I get a badge, for getting shit done, now?

Former/Current Black Gold Online Players, Listen up!!!

If you have ever played BGO, then you know how rare/valuable Soul Crystals are. Well the Snail team has so kindly put up an in-game leveling event for 13 FREE soul crystals per character :) Included in the event are free gold, level 6 gem boxes and black gold! The even starts 3/5/15 and ends 3/30/15 so get leveling now!!!

Level 20: 1gold, 3 Soul Crystals and 10 Great Training Potions (600BG value)

Level 35: 3gold, 10 Soul Crystals and 1 level 6 gem box (a 2000BG value)

Level 45: 200 Black Gold, 5 Large level 6 gem boxes (desc: gem boxes give 10 random level 6 gems making it 50 level 6 gems for free!!!!!)