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Okay... So if you aren't too busy... I came across this post and I lost it, but basically Dean after the dentist at the bunker with Sam and cas. And just fluff. Can you work you fic fairy magic? Love your writing museaway :D

(Dear anon, you caught me JUST after I finished a 10k draft for a challenge and submitted it. I was going to work on my Stonehenge crossover, but this prompt was TOO CUTE. This is set at an indeterminate time in the future & Cas is human. Just for you, I’ve broken my “I love you” rule. You also win a Star Wars reference. Totally unrelated, but Haagen-Dazs sea salt caramel gelato is AMAZING. Established relationship, 988 words of fluff; disclaimer.)

The ride home from the dentist isn’t so bad; Cas is quiet and hums along to the radio while Dean lolls his head against the glass in a fog. But once he’s settled on the couch with a blanket over his legs, and Cas is prodding at his mouth, asking him to open it so he can check the gauze pad, the throbbing begins. He feels it in his gums, in his jaw and in his temples, beating up into his eyes. He moans. Cas looks at him with sympathy, presses a kiss to Dean’s forehead.

"I’ll bring you an ice pack," he says and pads to the kitchen.

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hello i have found something v v v important

Sometimes i feel like i need expensive stuff to revise. Like I need the newest highlighters and pens and I need pretty new notebooks… but it’s not true. All you need to study is highlighters that work, pens that work, functional note paper and your brain. Don’t let pictures of people’s ‘perfect’ work spaces make it impossible for you to start working or feel like you need to spend loads of money on special stationary. Seriously, just go with what you have. That’s your own stuff! :)

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