Pyrrha flipping Cardin over her back and body slamming him into the floor, using her spear as leverage.

This is my religion. 

This is my sexuality.

This is my shining light in the darkness.

Hail Pyrrha, full of grace and controlled violence. Blessed are you and all you shine upon you glorious creature. Forever and ever, amen. 

To fully appreciatte the beauty of how meta GSNK really is, you have to understand that not only every character is a desconstruction of a common shoujo manga trope, but also that every single ship in that series is based on a series of misunderstadings due to lack of communication which ALONE is the most common shoujo manga trope of all.

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I have found my true calling. I am dropping out of college to join a subway terrorizing penguin suit wearing gang.

thoughts going through my mind when i first saw calum's nudes leaked

1. OK whoever leaked calum’s nudes is a piece of shit
2. who the fuck does that???????
3. ……….„„„..i still wanna see tho
5. ……,.„,nah
6. wait wait wait wait wait what did calum saY
7. awww he dealt with the situation in a great way
8. ok i’m gonna look now
9. why am i such a piece of trash i hate myself i hate myself i hate myself *looks anyway*
10. fuckcing n
11. ……….
12. …………..……„„„„,……
13. WOW
14. this is…..,…..
16. he has a NICE DICK
17. *whimpered sighs*
18. i don’t know if i’m ever gonna be ok
19. i’m - i - iMm gon na p pas s ou T
20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
21. fuc k

Hnnghfdgfscvj people having arguments on That Post about the need to include allies YOU ARE SO WRONG WRONG WRONG there are not enough words in the entirety of the human experience to describe how wrong you are and how immensely unsafe you make me feel

Quick question: what do you call an ally who makes you feel unsafe? NOT A FUCKING ALLY BECAUSE YOU HAVE FAILED IN THE MOST BASIC FUCKING WAY POSSIBLE

Why you should never use the term 'Hiatus x Hiatus' again

This is something that has been on my mind for a while and it actually irritates me to no extent. You may think it’s funny to call Hunter x Hunter “Hiatus x Hiatus” but all your proving is that your ignorant to the amount of stress, imagination, passion and love that Togashi has poured into his work. Honestly.. If it was his wish to stop I would tell him it’s okay. And that he has already given people so much to love and live for. I care about him as a person because if he never wrote yyh and hxh I don’t know if I would still be alive. Imagine if he listened to his ‘fans’ when they told him to keep publishing Yu Yu Hakusho or Hunter x Hunter - when his health was getting really bad. What if he threw his health to the side to please all of you? Would you be happy if he died from stress or sickness just so you could read a few more chapters? I wouldn’t. I only hope that he puts his well being as a first priority. He is one of my main inspirations and he has taught me so much about myself, friends, family, life and the world. So please, if you understand what this man has contributed to everyone - be kind and refrain from insults. Also criticizing him for his hobbies or obsessions is like spitting all over his works - it’s obviously something he deeply enjoys and if you can’t see that, then you don’t understand that much about him.


Team Pink hits Vancouver 

((I wake up for sexy dennor for me, oh gods what a life I have *W*))

Hey Liza! I saw that gorgeous picture you drew just before my internet switched off last night, so here’s just a little something for it because it’s so wonderful;; I hope you enjoy! ;u;


“What are you staring at?” Norway asks coolly, but he shifts into a slouch and smirks like a cat at Denmark’s agonised expression. Under his gaze, he runs a hand along his hip, thumb daring to hook under the thin strap of his thong and tug it just the slightest amount.

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