The Mario version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 CD & Knuckles & Knuckles

(Or something like that)

VS All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. 2 Special The Lost Levels For Super Players Deluxe

  1. Well it looks like the wisdom teeth saga is going to continue through the weekend. The swelling & pain are still very much present. I still can’t chew or close my mouth completely. But I have plenty of pain meds so I’ll just hang out with them this weekend.
  2. All I want is some PIZZA GOD DAMNIT.
  3. Unless something changes within the next 24 hours I’ll be missing a gig and a friend’s birthday party tomorrow night.
  4. I’ve never felt so good about being so lazy. That’s a positive.
  5. If someone brings me some macaroni & cheese I will be your friend forever. 
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ingridmichaelson: This. Song. Is. Saving. My. Life. Right. Now. Dramatic?

the sun in santa fe and new york are the same - a perhaps overly cute jack/crutchie mix because they’re overly cute themselves

traveling song -passenger // time in a bottle - jim croce // emmylou - first aid kit // man on fire - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros // your song - ellie goulding // things that stop you dreaming - passenger // young lion - vampire weekend // safe hands - paper aeroplanes


(original background photo credit goes to artkid)