Write Rose meet-up! Emmy & Hana!!!

Ahhh there’s no other way to say this so I’ll just get straight to the point!

Yes, you read correctly! Emmy rwby-rose and I have been planning to meet up for several months now, but only recently did everything (plane tickets, hotel rooms ect.) get finalized! So it’s official now; we’re meeting up!

It’s going to be the day after Thanksgiving and all that weekend. That’s why you see me talking about a countdown from time to time, because I’ve been tracking days till she comes here, heehee~

So! We are of course going to cosplay Ruby and Weiss, among do many other fun things. Therefore, we created an ask blog for our cosplays - write-rose! So if you would be so kind as to send us asks/requests, please go here! We’ll do everything we can!

We plan to Skype call with friends and do a lot of things together, so if you’re around, please have fun with us!

As you can imagine (if you’re aware of just how much I love Emmy), this is a suuuuper big deal for me and I am very, indescribably excited. So please excuse me and my enthrallment for the next 36 days until I meet her. It will literally be a dream come true. 

So please, please, please, send us asks on our White Rose blog! Sorry if I reblog this multiple times; I just want to spread the news!!

And just so you all know, I was having some financial issues a short while ago (for school/computer issues/work/life), and if that hadn’t been cleared up, this meeting with Emmy wouldn’t have been an option to consider! So thank you all for letting me meet with her!


Here are some of the most real ass stories ever. Violence in the FGC always existed. Shit is wild. 

So…the handle on our crock pot lid broke. And it may, in a round about way, have been my fault. I feel really bad. :( Especially because we’ve had this thing for 10 years but have only just started using it regularly. I mean at least once a week now!

But look how brilliant my makeshift handle is! Quite resourceful if I do say so myself!