On today’s morning i had so many feels, I was wachting on Tv two puppies that haven’t the front legs. The owner of the puppies ( a ten years old girl) sent a lettler to the television progam asking for help. At the final, the babies have gained wheelchairs and the other surprise was: they gave gifts for her too. At the final of the show, the girl was crying, the puppies were walking so happy whitout hit the chin on the floor and i was gross sobing…    
original video here (not in english)

The reporter said: "You know, many children that ask for our help asks a trip to Disney and you only asked wheelchairs."

This girl has my respect.





Sorry for the bad quality gifs and bad english

Loving Mom And Dad Mears

Loving Mom And Dad Mears

Loving Mom And Dad

There are many beautiful markers and tombstones and flowers in the beautiful cemetery where I walk, but I am often drawn to the very loving display for Floyd and Dorthy Mears, it shows so much love, heart and imagination. From the deer at the top to the floral lettlering and cherubs, I see there are so many ways to show love and to mark love, big and beautiful memorials are one…

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